The solution is simple: CCS Point of Sale for your Marijuana Dispensary Retail and Medical

A powerful engine, an easy to use interface, CCS will launch your business and help you succeed.
We speak from experience and results.

Dedicated to the Marijuana Industry

We are a proven leader dedicated to providing the best point of sale solutions specific to this industry. Our systems are comprehensive and flexible to cover all your MMJ needs from inventory solutions such. Our solutions control inventory, staff, reporting, point of sale and integrate with state requirements.

Since 2007 we have been providing POS to dispensaries in California. We have branched out to the other states and Canada to provide a meaningful and powerful solution to the inventory world.

Dedicated to the Marijuana Industry

Leader in Medical Marijuana Point of Sale Systems and Software

  • Integrated Scales - NTEP Approved Software. Legal in U.S. And Canada.
  • Meets requirements in Each State - Metrics, Limits
  • Patient / Client verification features
  • Extensive inventory control tools - location inventory, serialized inventory
  • Secure system - Locked down from raids, tampering, and exposing your system to hackers
  • Rewards Points / Loyalty Programs
  • Data Encryption
  • Text Messaging Output
  • Grow Tracking
  • 100+ Analytical Reports & Charts

More features to effectively run your dispensary

Make it Easy: We don't take steps, we take escalators.
We can help you sketch out your goals and timeline. We can pose then answer the questions you don't know ask. When things start rolling, yes you may take all of the credit! Speak with one of our trained professionals who knows what you need to succeed.
All Features Great and Small
Scope of solution is a major consideration when choosing a POS. CCS is easy to use and is robust. We will provide both a quick installation and setup, as well as get to the nitty gritty details that help keep you in tune with your business and poised to make changes to over come new challenges.
Tell us what you really want
We have a lot to offer, sometimes you just want something specific. Please give us a request and we'll make sure we do what we can to fulfill it. We haven't just worked in the software business, we are involved your busienss, we know how to meet your needs.

"Who's a good business? You're a good business!"
Treat your business like your only child. So compare our systems, speak with us and make sure we are a good fit. Once your business is running, we will be your babysitters while you are away. We will be controlling your staff, your inventory and helping make sure your business baby grows up successfull.
Dare to Compare Solutions
There's a whole lot of systems out there. Go ahead and compare some of the features. And then find out the real details behind CCS and what it can do for you.
Charts should go up
We know it, charts look way better when they end up. So lets make them show your business in progressive, meaningful ways. We'll be doing everything to make sure your sales are easier to perform, your costs are easier to track and your business is easier to manage.

Looking for a POS System? We have Tablets, Traditional, and Customized to fit your needs.
Also we Provide Leasing ,Subscription Plans and Outright Purchase.

We've got you covered: a complete quote to solve your needs.

Systems starting at $600.00

Altera3800 Table for Point of Sale

We will provide you with several quotes, tablets, traditional POS, software purchases only and subscription options. Also included, when applicable, is leasing.

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