Bar & NightClub Point of Sale | Best Prices on Bar POS Software

Focused on Nightclubs & Bars

  • Speed of Operations
  • Easy Tabs & Preauth on Credit Cards
  • Bartender Tracking - Multiple Cash Drawers
  • Bartender Inventory Tracking
  • Drink Menus - Drink Recipes - Drink Inventory Depeletion
  • Easy Splits - Transfers
  • Theft Control Features - Integration with Surveillance

CCS Knows about Bars / Nightclub and Food Service

We are a software company dedicated to providing the best point of sale solutions specific to your bar or nightclub. We have a wide range of options such as software solutions, hardware solutions, service packages and so much more! Our systems are comprehensive and flexible to cover everything from inventory solutions to theft control.

We have prepared a list of what answers cover most of our customer's requests. We also provide training schedules, videos, support information, testimonials to help answer all your questions. We encourage you to look below for an overview of what we do.

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A quote from CCS isn't just a price. It's a path to success. Information on timelines, integration's with Credit Processing, Gift, Surveillance, all features suited to your business.

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POS Features your Bar Requires

  • VIP & Table/Bottle Service
  • Built-in drink Recipes
  • Open Tabs Management Tools
  • Pre-Auth/ Duplicate Charge Notification
  • We have blind closing
  • Happy Hours Pricing Tools
  • We have inclusive and exclusive tax options
  • We have many VIP Programs
  • 3rd party liquor inventory integration such as Berg
  • Comprehensive User-friendly Interface
  • Easy to Setup and Use Menu
  • Price Change and Discount Auditing Tools
  • One-Step Fast Payment Processing Tools
  • Customer Retention Management Tools
  • Fingerprint Scanner Solutions for Employee Verification¬†

POS Systems

Eros Tablet

If you are looking for a rugged, pos grade tablet solution, the Eros is for you. Designed for point of sale from the ground up, this solution isn't a piecemeal tablet rethought as a point of sale. It is a point of sale with the rugged requirements embedded in the sleek style of a tablet.


  • 3 year warranty.
  • Windows 8 Designed for POS ready.
  • Remote App Ready.

More Details about the Eros

Altera 3400S

Our Altera 3400S series POS System for Restaurants is simpler to setup and easier to maintain. The Restaurant package includes everything you'll need to run your operation smoothly.


  • A proven solution we have used for over 5 years.
  • POS Ready 7
  • Remote App Ready.

It's a powerful Complete solution that can handle any situation in the Restaurant Industry.

Package Details and Options

Altera 3600

This tablet solution is the most rugged around. It's metal case protects if from the tough beating your staff and unexpected incidents can predict.

Our restaurant packages include a Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer and Credit Card Reader. We also provide additional integration to ensure a smooth seamless operation such as loyalty programs, gift cards, surveillance, biometrics, labeling printing, barcode scanning. Contact us with your requirements.


    • Rugged Construction
    • Fast Procesor
    • Tablet Design

Altera 3600 Options


We have a variety of integrations with equipment and other applications to meet your business needs. Our integrations include Metrics for Colorado and Oregon.

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