Reviewing your Virus plan. Protect from ransomware for your Point of Sale Systems

This is part 2 in our discussion of system management and data security.

Newer virus's pose a greater threat than older ones. Previously, if you received a virus, it might freeze your computer, or slow it down, or pop up a bunch of adds you didn't like.

It might have even been worse, for your operating system might not have been able to boot up.

Ransom ware is the new threat you can't ignore

At this point, if you use your point of sale for anything other than POS you are in danger of being high jacked by something worse than a normal virus you are used to. 93% of phishing emails are centered around ransomware. Websites, and other ways to receive viruses are now focusing more on ransomware. Ransomware puts a stranglehold on your operations if you don't have protection plan.

If you think a virus scanner will save you, then you might want to ride Titanic II

You should have four things to protect you against Ransomeware:

The only way to avoid the pitfalls of viruses are the following things.

  • Virus Plan - Though it's not 100 percent going to ensure your success, it will prevent most attacks, it will provide a high level of security, and it's required for PCI Compliance.
  • Backup Plan - Make sure you store your data on a protected source, separate from the impingement that your computers can attack. Just because you have a backup file, doesn't mean it's safe.
  • Get off XP Pro or XP 2009 - If you are using an older operating system, get off it now, these kinds of attacks will dramatically increase over time and they will first do so on older systems.
  • Redundancy - have more than one POS System. Not only is this a good idea for your business, but if your POS System is down, you can't run your business. A ransomware attack means you'll need to resolve that prior to using the computer