Texas Dram Shop Laws and Your Business


What is a Dram Shop?

Legally all bars, taverns, liquor stores or homes where alcohol is served are considered dram shops.

What Are Dram Shop Laws?

38 states currently have dram shop laws. These laws hold the business liable to any injuries caused by an over served patron or guest.

Texas Dram Shop Law

While the laws vary from state to state Texas’ Alcoholic Beverage Commission imposed Texas’ Dram Shop Act in 1987. This more clearly defines what the act considers liability.

  1. Person suing the bar or liquor store must prove that they were visibly intoxicated, when they were sold the alcoholic beverage


Texas Safe Harbor Law

However, Texas Businesses also have a Safe Harbor Law that protects against excess liability claims given that employees attend a TABC-approved “seller training program.” this program protects the business from liability if the accused employee had attended the program.


Now to qualify for “The Safe Harbor,” Texas liquor businesses need to verify that said employee was actually the employee, that had served the patron. Now legally, Texas bar and liquor store owners will NEED to verify employees to stay in compliance with the safe harbor laws.


Business Solutions for Texas Liquor Stores and Bars

This goes beyond a simple clocking-in and clocking out process. Because clocking-in and clocking out can be manipulated or overlooked especially during busy hours. Spending hours viewing security videos isn’t as great a solution either.


Employers need a secure method that safeguards the business against liability and definitively proves which employee served which patron.

Smart Texas business owners for liquor stores and bars have begun seeking out fingerprint scanner solutions for their liquor point of sale.



Benefits of Texas Liquor Store of Bar Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint Scanners integrated into your Point Of Sale (POS) system are more efficient and significantly more secure than other methods of authentication. Since your fingerprint is permanently attached to the rest of you, there’s no chance of forgotten pin codes, lost pass cards or switched identities. Integrating a fingerprint scanner with your liquor store point of sale solves this problem for you.

These point of sale integrated fingerprint scanners are not only small but easy to install and affordable. Measuring only a few inches long and an inch thick, they are sleek, unintrusive and portable and easily plug-into your point of sale usb drive.


Keep your Business and Employees Safe with Simple Fingerprint Verification

Liquor store fingerprint scanner integration gives you the peace of mind, and takes the liability and responsibility off of your businesses shoulders, because no business wants or needs a liquor lawsuit on their hands. Request a quote for your liquor store or bar pos