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-^     ​Getting Started ​     ^^^ 
-|**Guide Name**|**Description**| 
-|[[guides:​general:​system_reset|System Reset]]|Clear the database before you get started. System Reset| 
-|[[guides:​general:​setup_of_logos_and_images|Setup of Logos and Images ]]|How to setup images and logos| 
-|[[guides:​general:​tare|Setup Guide to Tare Items]]|Process items with tare | 
-|[[guides:​general:​receipts|Receipts]]|Provides details in receipt printing and format of receipt| 
-^     ​Administrative Tasks  ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​payroll|Payroll]]|Run,​ view and edit payroll| 
-|[[guides:​general:​customizablelists|Customizable Contact Lists ]]|Setup contact lists from Birthday Lists, Contact Filter Types and more. | 
-|[[guides:​general:​office_time_clock|Office Time Clock ]]|Clocking In and Out in the Office Time Clock | 
-|[[guides:​general:​quickbooks|Quick Books File ]]|IIF file export for quickbooks| 
-^     ​Reporting ​ ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​reports:​email|Email]]|Setting up Email of Reports| 
-^     Gift Cards  ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​giftcards|Setup of Gift Cards - CCS ]]|Describes the process to manage gift card related transactions | 
-|[[guides:​general:​giftcardsmercury]|Setup of Gift Cards - Mercury ]]|Setup gift cards for Mercury| 
-|[[guides:​general:​giftcardcheatsheet]|Gift Card Cheat Sheet]]|Printable document for employees.| 
-|[[guides:​general:​importgiftcards|Import Gift Card & Groupons]]|Importing Gift Cards & Groupons from CSV Files| 
-|[[guides:​general:​compgiftcards|Comp Gift Cards]]|Several options for providing gift cards for free.| 
-^     ​Normal Business Day Tasks       ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​itemreturn|Refund Items]]|Item Refunding / Returning | 
-|[[guides:​general:​suspendorder|Suspend Order]]|Suspend Order and Retrieve the following day.| 
-|[[guides:​general:​ATMPayments|ATM Style Transactions]]|Run ATM Paybacks.| 
-^     ​Payment Methods in POS          ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​tipoptions|Tip Options ]]|Tip Processing methods| 
-|[[guides:​general:​houseaccounts|House Accounts ]]|Setup and Order Processing for House Accounts | 
-|[[guides:​general:​storecreditcards|Using Store Credit]]|Process a transaction as a store credit| ​ 
-|[[guides:​general:​cashpayouts|Cash Payouts ]]|Describes the process of cash payouts| ​ 
-|[[guides:​general:​taxexempt|Tax Exempt Function]]|How to exempt items from tax and also to set a client as tax exempt| 
-|[[guides:​general:​houseaccounts|House Account Payments]]|How to setup and process house accounts| 
-|[[guides:​general:​minimizepaymentbuttons|Make Payments Easy]]|Tip on how to reduce payment buttons, but maintain all options| 
-|[[guides:​general:​splitpayments|Split Payments ]]|Process split payments| 
-|[[guides:​general:​creditcardrefund|Refunding]]|Refund payments of cash and credit| 
-|[[guides:​general:​MakingDeposits|Making Deposits]]|Make a deposit on an order, and retrieve later for final payment| 
-^    End of Day / End of Shift            ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​general_balancing_procedures|Closing Day and Balancing Drawer Procedures]]|General Daily Balancing Procedures for cashiers/​servers and end of day reporting| 
-|[[guides:​general:​balancesheets|Balance Sheets for Cashiers and Servers]]|Balance the cash drawer for each shift]| 
-|[[guides:​general:​BlindDrop|Blind Drop Balance Sheets and Daily Reporting]| 
-|[[guides:​general:​close_day|Close day]]|Close day, reporting options| 
-^    Customer Based Features ​        ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​discounts|Discounts ]]|CCS Offers many discount methods, this shows how to setup and use them | 
-|[[guides:​general:​loyaltyprogramusage|Setup and Use of Loyalty Programs]]|Loyalty program options and setup| 
-^    Maintanence ​  ^^^ 
-|[[guides:​general:​closeunclosedday|Fixing Closed Days]]|If your staff didn't close out yesterday, and you are already processing, here's how to fix it| 

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