CCS Point of Sale

Daily Operations in the Point of Sale Terminal

This is an overview of what is required of an employee, per day, on CCS.

Clocking In:

Clock in from the toolbar on the top of the screen, or the front login screen. Simply follow the on screen instructions. Your time will be logged. If you would like to view your hours for the current period, you can go to your personal information screen.

  If break periods are required, the same screen that clocks in and has a break option.

Placing orders

2A. Servers: Servers log into the terminal with the start order button, or the open orders button. They would process their orders throughout their shift.

2B. Cashiers: From the login screen enter code and press the new order button. Process orders from that point on.

2C. Driver's: Drivers take orders for delivery. They use the Delivery screen to check in and out orders through the day.

Servers and cashier's can not log into more than one terminal at a time.

  Managers may log into multiple computers.
  Transactions should not be made by a manager who is not clocked in.

Close the Shift

Close Shift: From the open orders screen go to Closing Sheet. Select the employee type: Cashier, Server or Driver. Input the remaining cash and print the report. The shift is then closed.

You may enter the total cash remaining to calculate how much in cash you should have.

Most locations pay out in cash the tips that were received in credit card payments. It is important that you mark this down on your end of day reports as cash paid out so that you don't show a negative balance.

The report for the server and cashiers prints out the Hourly, Tender, Tax, and Tip totals.

Closing the Shift

Other Features:

If employee meals are managed employees can order a meal. Most employers have a meal button rather than a complex system of pricing for their employees. If employees are set up with tier pricing or percentage discount the employee should input their order, then select discounts and employee meal. A manager pass code is required to set the employee pricing.

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