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Transaction Invoice Review of Invoice Features

Office Toolbar - Inventory - New Transaction: 
Office Toolbar - Transaction History - Double click the Order
Office Toolbar - Order Search

The Invoice form manages all kinds of transactions. The first section here outlines the toolbar of the Invoice form.

Invoice Toolbar:

New - Adds new items
Inventory Items
File From Template
Open Templates folder
New TemplateWord Templates
Save Saves changes
Print Preview as Quote, Invoice, Packing Slip
Packing Slips include Barcodes in Barcode format of items.
EmailEmails Invoice, Quote, or Packing slip through Outlook.
Export to Excel Exports transaction details to excel.
Que Barcode Labels
Import From FileImports standardized Excel Import file.
Active Order - Active orders are order that are worked on, and in the POS they are orders that will not be cleared out of the daily transaction log.
Copy Details This will copy the transaction items from the current order into a new order.
Mark All Items As On Order This will mark items on order for inventory tracking.
Add Payment Makes payment for order.
Receive Rentals Marks all items in order, that are rentals, as back in stock.
Receive Order Receives all items into inventory.
Apply Tax Applies tax to all items that are marked as taxable, and have a tax lookup.
Remove Tax Removes tax from all items.
Close Order Marks items as received and places completion date on order.
Generate Re-Order ListGenerates a list of items to be reordered when there is a vendor. If there is no vendor selected a list of items with no vendor will be displayed.

Supplier: Select a supplier from the list, pressing the button displays a searchable supplier list.
Customer: The customer buttons displays a searchable customer list to assign a customer to the order (if this is a purchase order from a vendor, use the company contact (if there is no company contact, create a new contact with a contact type of company).
Rate: The tax rate assigned by the select of the transaction type.
Use Column: Selects what column of pricing to pull from for the items purchased on this order.
PO #: Designated number of vendor purchase, or company assigned order number.
Shipping# The tracking number for this order.
Quote# The quote number for this order, if different then the PO
Stockidentifier: The inventory number for this order if it's assigned to inventory.
Driver: The driver: This is used for dispatching with taxi, pizza and delivery services.
Sales Rep: Sales rep is the employee processing this order.
Type: The transaction type of this order.
Schedule: The scheduled date of this order, this is used for events such as catering.
Order Date: The date and time the order is placed.
Ship Date: The shipping time and date of the order.
Completion Date: The time that the order was paid for.
Serial # is the Serial Number for this order. Serial Numbers for Items are in the item list.

Transaction Details

There is more to the invoice. Please review the Transaction Details


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