CCS Point of Sale

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====== Pre- POS Software Installation ====== ===== Go to - Windows - Start - Control Panel - Security Center ===== ==== Enable service packs: ==== The server and terminals should have all of the latest service packs installed with automatic updates set turned on. ==== Firewall: ==== If the router's firewall is enabled the computer's firewall can be disabled. This will make setup of the network connection to other computers more simple. If it is desired to leave the firewall on, and the network is peer to peer, the firewall will have to be configured to allow a peer to peer connection to all of the computers. ==== Virus Scanning: ==== For Installation only, disable virus scanning. After installation disable virus scanning of the C:\Program Files\Café Cartel\ folder on all computers using CCS. Security settings for internet use should be set to high. This will prevent any staff from accidentally downloading viruses that will disrupt operation. ===== Software Installation: ===== 1. Ensure each computer meets the requirements. 2. Log into Windows with administrator rights. 3. Download and install the software. -o- ===== Installation Trouble Shooting ===== 1. The windows 2000 update is not automatically applied. To apply this update go to;en-us;239114, find where it says For computers that are running Microsoft Windows 2000, then download and install the update. 2. If Microsoft is Access installed, or installed after using Cafe Cartel, the shortcut will need to be adjusted. Contact technical support for help. 3. Always install the software in the c:\program files\Café Cartel folder. 4. Virus Scanning Software:Check that the scanner is not scanning the folders used by CCS, if it is performance will be reduced. CCS does not install or maintain firewalls, or virus scanning software.

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