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====== Pre- POS Software Installation ====== ===== Go to - Windows - Start - Control Panel - Security Center ===== ==== Enable windows service packs: ==== The server and terminals should have all of the latest service packs installed with automatic updates set turned on. ==== Firewall: ==== If the router's firewall is enabled the computer's firewall can be disabled. This will make setup of the network connection to other computers more simple. If it is desired to leave the firewall on, and the network is peer to peer, the firewall will have to be configured to allow SQL Ports 1433 and 1434. ==== Virus Scanning: ==== For Installation only, disable virus scanning. After installation disable virus scanning of the C:\Program Files\Cafe Cartel\ folder on all computers using CCS. Security settings for internet use should be set to high. This will prevent any staff from accidentally downloading viruses that will disrupt operation. ===== Software Installation: ===== 1. Ensure each computer meets the requirements. 2. Log into Windows with administrator rights. 3. Download and install the software. [[]] -o- ===== Setting IP Address ===== To change your network IP address 1. Press the Windows Key and R 2. Type command and press Enter. This loads your DOS prompt 3. Type ipconfig /release then press Enter. This disables your internet connection 4. Go to your desktop, and right-click on something called Network Place or My Network Places (If you're using Windows Vista or 7, look for the Network and Sharing Center through Control Panel) 5. Click Properties. You should now see something called Local Area Connection or something similar 6. Right-click on your connection (titled Local Area Connection if you're using an ethernet cable or Wireless Network Connection if you're on WiFi) and click Properties 7. Under the General tab, double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) 8. A new window appears. On its own General tab, click the box beside Use the following IP address 9. Type in ones until you fill the box up (it should read 10. Press Tab. You'll notice the Subnet Mask section automatically fill sup with numbers 11. Click OK 12. Click OK to bring you back to the "Local Area Connection" screen 13. Right-click Local Area Connection and Click on Properties again 14. Again, under the General tab, double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) 15. Select Obtain an IP address automatically 16. Click OK 17. Click OK 18. Go back to your DOS prompt, type "ipconfig /renew" and press Enter. This restores your internet connection.

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