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-===== Setting IP Address ===== 
-To change your network IP address ​ 
-1. Press the Windows Key and R  
-2. Type command and press Enter. This loads your DOS prompt ​ 
-3. Type ipconfig /release then press Enter. This disables your internet connection ​ 
-4. Go to your desktop, and right-click on something called Network Place or My Network Places (If you're using Windows Vista or 7, look for the Network and Sharing Center through Control Panel) ​ 
-5. Click Properties. You should now see something called Local Area Connection or something similar ​ 
-6. Right-click on your connection (titled Local Area Connection if you're using an ethernet cable or Wireless Network Connection if you're on WiFi) and click Properties ​ 
-7. Under the General tab, double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/​IP) ​ 
-8. A new window appears. On its own General tab, click the box beside Use the following IP address ​ 
-9. Type in ones until you fill the box up (it should read ​ 
-10. Press Tab. You'll notice the Subnet Mask section automatically fill sup with numbers ​ 
-11. Click OK  
-12. Click OK to bring you back to the "Local Area Connection"​ screen ​ 
-13. Right-click Local Area Connection and Click on Properties again  
-14. Again, under the General tab, double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/​IP) ​ 
-15. Select Obtain an IP address automatically ​ 
-16. Click OK  
-17. Click OK  
-18. Go back to your DOS prompt, type "​ipconfig /​renew"​ and press Enter. This restores your internet connection. ​ 

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