CCS Point of Sale

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===== Cafe Cartel Systems Wiki ===== Welcome to the CCS Wiki. The CCS Wiki is a self help support wiki to set up and use your CCS point of sale solutions. The CCS Wiki is divided into sections based on setup from installation to setting up of software while taking advantages of the features and functionalities included in CCS. A brief overview of the sections in the navigation panel is given below: ==== If you are currently using CCS, this section is usually most helpful: ==== |**[[Guides]]**|Industry specific guides for setup and use of CCS| ==== To setup and review CCS, use these sections. ==== |**[[office:office_-_general_management|CCS Office Touch]] ** | Office touch modules and features| |**[[office:terminal|CCS Terminal]] ** | Terminal features and functions| |**[[hand_held|Hand Held Setup]] ** | Setup of hand held devices with CCS | |**[[kds_software_setup|Kitchen Display]] **| Setup of kitchen display in CCS| |**[[PC Charge Setup]] ** | Setup of PC charge used in credit card processing| |**[[New Features]]** | Lists new features and fixes in our latest releases of CCS|

From the Ground Up!
Getting Started
Installation Guide
Pre Installation
Install CCS
Install New Database
Trouble Shooting
Credit Card Setup
Data Cap Epay
CCS Administration
Office - General Management
CCS Terminal
Hand Held Setup
Kitchen Display
KDS Software Setup