CCS Point of Sale

Cash Drawer Troubleshooting

If your cash drawer is not opening there as a few things to find out first:

No Sale

Is it opening when you press No Sale? If your answer is no: Do you have permission to open the cash drawer for a No Sale. This is a user authroization in Office under Employees - Job Types - choose the type - Then choose 'No Sale'

Cash Sale

Is it opening when you press Cash sale If your answer is no: Was it opening before? If yes, then continue, if not then to go Office - (main toolbar) - System - Tender Types and make sure that the cash payment option has 'Is Cash' checked.

Physical Issues

Your computer should be connected to the cash drawer. Identify how using these points as a reference:

  1. Type of cash drawer - usb / rj45
  2. Where the cash drawer is plugged into. - Will be either USB, under the monitor (of a stealth touch), or into the printer.

If your cash drawer is plugged into a printer/pos computer:

  1. Ensure if the printer is printing. If it is not, you have to address the printer not printing first. Refer to this guide:
  2. Make sure that you have the proper setting for the printer/cash drawer combination - use this guide:

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