Cafe Cartel Systems POS software works in many kinds of businesses. This feature list should aid in showing how the software can meet your business requirements, however if you don't find your answer here, check out our videos, and our software tours.

  • Screen Shots

    Screen Shots:

    If Screen shots are your thing, check out our gallery for the POS Terminal.
    Please note: Some features are not available in all versions of the software.

  • Menu Terminal

    Menu & Terminal

    • Cashiers and servers can learn in less then ten minutes.
    • 10 categories, infinite subcategories and menu items.
    • Menu buttons:
      • Text and color,
      • Image only
      • Text Only
      • Infinite Colors.
    • Includes hundreds of Images in installation
    • Layout Allows a standard of 24 to 60 menu items per category.
    • Prompt Modifiers - Prompt Modifiers with multiple sub categories and selections of modifiers.
    • Forced Modifiers - Prompt modifiers with required items for main item.
    • Limited Modifiers - Prompt Modifiers with limits on item selection.
    • Modifier buttons that change the price and name of another item, such as Xtra (.25) will add the word "Xtra" to the front of an item, like Xtra Whip Cream and add .25 to the item price.
    • Easily input pizza's, the application knows how much to charge for different pizza sizes, and half and even quarters. (all customizable through the Office)
    • Happy hour or time based pricing
    • Lunch / Diner based pricing.
    • Pricing on based on day of week and time of day.
    • 5 Price Levels for customers or time of day or week.
    • Discount items, discount orders,
    • Discount VIP customers with 5 levels of pricing, or percentage assigned to customer
    • Zero out an orders (Job Type Option)
    • Search screen to find items: great for large menus.
    • Search for Recipes - 7000 Included.
    • Text note input on any item.
    • Change the Order type of an order on the fly, or split an order on the fly.
    • Re Print Last Recipe t button on menu.
    • Name orders.
    • Easily split and combine orders.
    • Reprint items to kitchen with original print time. (prevents remaking of food)
    • Works with multiple cash drawers.
    • Network Easily.
      • Optional Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Servers
    • Option to not print receipt.
    • Option to force prep print out, or to print later.
    • System modifies itself based on settings applied by user.
    • Can be streamlined for:
      • Dining
      • Delivery
      • Quick Service ( fast food)
      • Pizza
      • Bar's
      • Restaurants
    • And can be used for all of them at the same time very easily.
    • Any number of prep printers.
    • You can print recipes from the recipe databases for items on the prep print out.
  • Order Typing

    Order Typing

    Create your own order types: Take Out, Dine In, Purchasing, Quote etc..
    Assign work flow to work types such as dining, quick service, pizza and delivery.
    Streamline order processing – one button quick close, and credit card screen.
    Force info on new orders
    Customer input – is useful for deliveries and phone orders
    Post special information, like daily specials with their pictures and description.
    Prompt for number of guest

  • On-Screen Receipts

    On-Screen Receipts

    Edit the order fast with the onscreen receipt. Change info on non-printed items.
    Easily change quantities
    Add duplicate items to an order
    Group all items together, for fast bar service.
    Change seat assignments on the fly
    Print specified items to prepare on each order
    Change item size before it's printed!

  • Quick Service

    Quick Service

    Simple design makes employee training a breeze.
    One button close of orders for cash and credit.
    Very fast for Bars and Fast Food
    Additional work flow can be added to get just what your business needs and no extra features to bog your employees down.

  • Phone Service

    Phone Services

    Caller ID.
    System receives phone numbers and customers name.
    Can recall customer from previous order.
    Helps with super fast order taking that includes contacts input.

  • Delivery


    Delivery screen shows orders filtered by delivery cycle.
    Mapping Included.
    Shows orders tagged for delivery by driver.
    Shows total orders delivered.
    Allows drivers to be tagged for orders.
    Entry to order screen.
    Allows modification of order notes.
    Get totals for drivers orders throughout day.
    Menu can include default delivery charge.
    Number and total of orders are tallied for drivers.

  • Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen Yogurt

    Most common Frozen Yogurt Answers:
    Yes we have Integrated Scales - The POS Reads what's on the scale.
    Yes the POS Compensates for the Cup Weight
    Yes the we provide Products Certified by Department Of Weights & Measures
    Yes we have Label Support
    Yes our Menu's have Images for Easy Use
    Yes we Support "Self Serve Style" and Cashier provided Frozen Yogurt.
    Yes we have Gift Cards Integrated. Your databases holds the gift cards and can communicate between your multiple locations.
    Find out more about Frozen Yogurt Systems..

  • Pizza


    Our pizza designer is extremely easy to use. Pricing matches pizza size and we include price matching for half, whole, quarter etc...
    Sizes and Toppings Pricing are related for easy input
    Prompt Topping Modifiers are easy to setup and use.
    Specials can easily be created with coupons so your employees prompt new callers with specials and coupons.
    Our Videos on this subject show you how easy is to implement POS in your Pizzeria.

  • Liquor Store Answers

    Liquor Store Answers

    Yes we have an inventory list for you. 10,000 items to start new customers off with.
    Age verification for Drivers licenses is Included.
    Yes we have Vendor Re-Order Lists
    Yes we have Inventory Inventory and Reconciliation of Alcohol
    A 6000 recipe search tool of drinks.
    Of course we have Split case pricing & Inventory Updating
    Yes we can import your existing inventory.
    Yes you our POS prints barcodes for items and shelf labels.
    And we have much more!
    Find out more about our liquor store solutions

  • Table Layout

    Table Layout

    Use a touch screen table layout to quickly start and continue dining orders.
    Keep multiple tables layouts; use expanded views and full layouts for seeing your current clientèle and table usage.
    Table layouts can show employee's name.
    Use any backgrounds for your layouts.
    Side list conveniently shows tables open and the time they have been open for.
    For runners: assign a seat number to any item.
    Use courses so your runners know when to bring out items.

  • Order Management

    Order Management

    Tip input
    Void orders / item / payments
    Void open orders / open items / payments
    Review past orders.
    Re-open orders.
    Managers review all cashiers and server orders.
    Servers review their own orders.
    Cashiers can be set to review all orders – for simple management in simple quick service.
    Reprint receipts, and credit card receipts.

  • Payment Ooptions

    Payment Options

    Payment Methods
    Gift Card
    Store Credit - For Returns
    House Accounts
    Fast Payouts
    Keep track of cashier payouts to your vendors.
    House Account Payments
    Easily review list of open accounts.
    Terminal screen shows open house accounts, their totals, and order review.
    Reprint orders to send to house accounts.
    Close all orders or specified orders.

  • Portion Control

    Portion Control - Recipe Management & Item Kits for Inventory

    Stores images of items.
    Input pages of instructions, use recipe groups to easily setup multiple item with similar instructions.
    Easily find items and their recipes.
    Will print out on prep receipts – great for new items.

  • Customer Relations Management

    Customer Relations Management

    Assign customers to orders quickly and easily.
    Use customer loyalty cards to apply a customer to an order and assign automatic discounts.
    Search for customers by phone number or loyalty card.
    Easily input new customers name and info with keyboard or on screen keyboard.
    Use customer for house account.
    Fast tracking of previous orders.
    Display's totals purchased in loyalty program.
    Displays total of orders purchased.
    Keep customer notes, apply them to the order.
    Includes Gift Card and Gift Certificate Support

  • Security Features

    Security Features:

    CCS employees Position Level Security. This means the job type is how you control access to the software. Employees can have multiple job types. The current job they are on the clock as is the level they have access to.
    This is our current USER Authorization List; we add new authorizations in almost every release.

    Access Daily Reporting
    Access Office
    Access Terminal
    Add Contact
    Add Employee
    Allow Add Item In Terminal
    Allow Edit Item In Terminal
    Blind Drop Enabled
    Change Contact Type
    Clock In And Out Other Users
    Comp Order
    Credit Card Payment Return
    Delete Contact
    Delete Employee
    Delete Order
    Delete Order Item
    Delete Payment
    Delete Product
    Disallow Access to Other Tabs
    Dispatcher Daily Reporting
    Edit Closed Order
    Edit Completed Order
    Edit Completed Payment
    Edit Employee
    Edit Order Item Discount
    Edit Order Item Price
    Edit Received Items
    Edit System Authorizations
    Is Manager Position
    Item Return
    Manage Employees
    Manage Positions
    Manager Overide ClockIn
    Opens Cash Drawer
    Prompt Price Change Reason
    Schedule Labor
    Show Only Contacts Price Level In POS
    Use Password Protected Discounts
    Use Password Protected Discounts
    View Credit Card Numbers
    View CRM Toolbar
    View Date Of Birth And Soc
    View Employee Toolbar
    View Inventory ToolBar
    View Item Cost In POS
    View Labor Scheduling
    View Menu ToolBar
    View Office Coupons
    View Office Discounts
    View Payroll Periods
    View Reporting Toolbar
    View System Toolbar
    View Transaction History
    View Office Coupons
    View Office Discounts
    Void Credit Card Payment
    Void Order

  • Payroll Protection

    Payroll Protection - Time Clock Functions:

    Integrated Time Clock.
    Prevent access to terminal by allowing only employee's clocked in.
    Keep track of breaks.
    Prevent overtime by using the integrated Labor Scheduling module.
    On screen report of daily labor spent.
    Audit Logging of Payroll Changes.

  • Employee Self-Management

    Employee Self-Management:

    Custom To-Do lists.
    Demographics – employees can review their stored demographics.
    View current payroll.
    Time Off Request.
    Schedule Preferences – can review their preferences.
    Messaging and email.
    Closing functions: Cashier / Server – generate sales report and calculate cash balance.

  • Employee Management

    Employee Management:

    Store your employees demographics in CCS.
    Print out phone lists and info sheets on your employees.
    Each employee can be assigned shift preferences for work for their job types.
    Total hours preference can be noted for labor scheduling.
    Seniority of job types is assigned for labor scheduling.
    Labor Scheduling
    Gain total knowledge of your labor costs and needs.
    Easily schedule and reschedule periods.
    Know your labor expense when you create a schedule.
    Estimate your labor expense when you create a schedule template.
    Recall past schedules from last year, or last week.
    Get accurate estimates of how much you are spending.
    As you schedule you'll see what employees are available, request time off, their total hours for the period and what job types need to be filled and who can fill them.
    Payroll Calculation
    Keep track of your employees payroll.
    Assign several jobs to one employee, the time clock keeps a record of what jobs they worked so you can pay them appropriately.
    Generate time reports whenever their needed.
    Get reports of total hours for days, or employees.
    Reports calculate breaks, overtime and positions worked by each employee.
    E-mail Services & Notifications
    Integrated to use Outlook to send e-mails.
    Employees can send notes to other employees within the system.
    Notes automatically print out when employees clock in.
    Daily Reporting
    Daily reporting gives you up to the minute info on sales and labor.
    Can be viewed at any time of day.
    Hourly sales
    Sales by Tender
    Sales by Server / Cashier
    Sales by Order type.
    Displays total hours of employees.
    Print out a sales of tracked items.
    Tracks all modified items:
    Line Item discounts
    Order discounts
    Redeemed Coupons
    Gratuities Received
    Print out Taxes charged.

  • Business Analysis

    Business Analysis

    Use over 80 reports to get the info you need. Sales, analysis of overall sales minutes overall costs.
    Create charts and spreadsheets from pre written SQL or just use excel to view all data stored from Café Cartel
    Write your own SQL and create spreadsheets for excel.
    Build out your items with recipes to view break down of food costs based on complex items.

  • Promotions


    Track advertisers results of coupons or promotions.
    Provide one day or periodic discounting.
    Give basic discounts and track them.
    Percentage or cash discounts on orders.
    Percentage discounts on items.
    Create menu items with cash discounts, and keep them tracked.
    Zero out Order with a quick password entry!
    Loyalty Programs
    Track customers purchase history.
    Specify time of day, and/or days of week programs are available.
    Give discounts for frequent buyers or on individual orders
    Free item after specified number of purchases.
    Discount after specified number of purchase / cash or percentage.
    Discount the same order, i.e. buy one get one free.
    Personal House Accounts
    Encourage increased buying practices by using house accounts.
    System keeps track of customer purchases, and closes them out when your account has paid their orders.
    Tracks customer's history as well.
    E-mail & Letter Promotions
    Create custom letters for emailing, or snail mail.
    Mailing lists are created by using sales data, customer demographics and a variety of resources from the data you can extract from Café Cartel.