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Hand Held Point of Sale Software Review -  For Food Service

Hand helds such as Dell or the Symbol MC50 are used with CCS. CCS includes a very easy option for the Professional version of it's Hand held Point of Sale Software. Included are screen shots that show the different functionality of the handheld.

Hand Held Devices for Point of Sale

 Dell Hand Held Point of SaleSymbol Handheld MC50

Dell Palm for Restaurant Point of Sale Service

Dell offers a great lower cost solution, at about 25 percent the cost of a MC50. So if you only need a handheld for a few peak hours or you want to just cut costs this is a great solution.

Symbol MC50 Handheld for Restaurant Point of Sale Service

The MC50 is the standard in high quality, robust hand helds for restaurants using servers. It includes the keyboard so it's easy to enter in modifiers when the menu requires it. It has a significant battery life, and the battery can be replaced with a backup.

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Hand Held Screen Shots and Review

Menu Screen

The menu screens work just like the POS systems do. The only difference is the use of the toolbar at the top. Orders are printed, items deleted, prices changed, discounts made, just like the Point of Sale Terminal System. The Handheld Software takes about 15 to 20 minutes to learn if you already understand the Point of Sale Terminal.


Modifier Text Input

It's important to have the same flexibility on the Hand Held you have on the POS Terminal, here you can see how to input text modifiers.


Naming an Order Text Input

Order Names are just like in the POS Terminal. You need to Name an order, such as John or Jim so the order is easier to find. Just press the name button on the toolbar, then name the order.


Accepting Payment

You can process credit cards and accept all kinds of payment. You can also split checks from the Handheld Device. It's this easy.


Viewing Orders - Table Layout

View all the tables in the restaurant, view all of your open orders. Keep track faster and easier than at the POS Terminal because you never have to walk back to it, you just pull out your Hand Held Device.