Fast and Convenient Checkout

Cafe Cartel’s software will streamline your checkout process with it’s easy to use interface and efficient processing features and integrations.

Inventory Tracking

Simplify your inventory management with over 70 different reports that let you know when and what to order.

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Why integrate your surveillance system with your point of sale system?

Point of sale integration with your surveillance system means better inventory tracking, and prevention of theft and employee misuse. This solution has one of the fasted ROI rates of any of our integrations and is easy to set up. Save time and money while improving your business operations.

DVR Camera System

With integrated surveillance you can track what is happening in your store along with the transactions that occur. Cafe Cartel provides the perfect solution with our integrated surveillance system.

rue integration of surveillance with your point of sale is a good insurance policy both for protecting your store theft and employee theft control. The two systems combined will provide a solution that brings you closer to locking down your inventory, peace of mind and true security.

Our white point of sale system is becoming increasingly popular. With retail and food service establishments wanting to create brighter and more open atmospheres, many are looking for a white point of sale that with fit their decor.


So what industries is the white point of sale popular in? Check them out here!

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Is anyone as excited about Google+ as we are? After attending a marketing conference I decided to get into Google+ to see what buzz was all about. Here was the line sparked my interest:

“Facebook is for connecting and building relationships with people you already know, Google+ is for connecting and building relationships with people you want to know.”

In other words, if you are trying to create a social circle outside of your normal social circle then Google+ is perfect. They have great ways of finding information, sharing with relevant users, and becoming a part of targeted communities. So who would be interested in using this type of social media tool? Anyone really, especially if you have a job or interest and want to meet others in the same field and share ideas. Businesses should especially take advantage of this tool, since it’s still growing it’s smart to hop on the train as early as possible.

More Reasons why Google+ is the second biggest social media network

Updated interface

They recently updated the interface and it’s more user friendly and fun, plus you can post dynamic content which is really eye catching.


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