Rewards programs have become the standard in encouraging your customer base to return to your businesses. While discounts bring them in for the first time, rewards programs compel them to return.


Your Store’s Mobile App

One out of three consumers have already made a mobile payment using their smartphone and 64% of app users say that they view brands with mobile apps more favorably
The Mercury StoreCard makes adopting the mobile platform easy, Customers have the option of converting their Store Card to enable mobile payments. They pull up a QR code, you scan it at the counter with your POS barcode scanner and the customer is out the door and has racked up rewards points for using your card.

Retail and Restaurant Rewards

The Mercury StoreCard is different from your current loyalty program because their rewards translate into literal dollars on their account meaning that their card will never have a zero balance. This rewards strategy leaves customers feeling the itch to spend it because they have it.
According to the annual. Sixty percent of consumers who already make mobile payments say they would do so more often if they receive instant coupons or rewards as a result. With instant cash back rewards, you’ll build brand loyalty.

Payments made Easy

Payments are made easier for customers as they can easily link their store card, physical or mobile, to a credit card and automatically or manually load funds onto your own store branded card. This way they never will miss out on cash back rewards.

Gift Card Integration

Social Media Integration

Not only does the store card make it simple for customers to share on Social Media when they visit your shop but they’re also able to send and receive gifts through the Mercury social gifting feature.

Whether you own a large grocery store or smaller specialty market, grocery store management comes with a particular set of challenges unlike any other industry. Here are a couple common challenges that grocery store managers face, and how to fix them.


Inventory Reconciliation

In a grocery store managing the volume of items you have in store is a major task. Additionally, when you get an order in, reconciling that against your available stock of items is an added challenge.


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MMJ POS Case Study

Canna Clinic’s mission statement is to provide qualified medical marijuana patients with safe, legal, and affordable access to mmj products. Along with their menu of top quality strains, drinks, edibles, and oils; Canna Clinic Medicinal Society is the first dispensary in Vancouver to offer to patients cannabis oil massages.

Marijuana massage

Cannabis Massages

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All of us at Cafe Cartel are very excited to present our newest tablet solution for point of sale! Integrating Cafe Cartel’s Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s Surface RT Tablet handles all retail and restaurant operations with ease.


Benefits of CCS tablet point of sale system

  • Streamlines the order process and reduces wait times
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Send receipts wirelessly
  • Increases productivity
  • Fresh and modern technology
  • Database Security
  • Remote viewing
  • Easy mobile pos upgrades to add on as your business grows!

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Coffee Shop Marketing Tips

Try some of these marketing strategies in your coffee shop to boost sales.

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1. Take a look at your menu.

Have you ever thought about your coffee menu as a marketing tool? Your coffee menu is your primary marketing tool for your coffee business. Try some of these marketing tips to get the most out of your menu.

  • Revisit your menu placement. An old marketing trick is to put your most expensive drinks towards the top of your menu. Generally, your customers don’t want to read through your entire menu, so they’ll choose the first item on your menu that looks good. This has proven to significantly boost sales.
  • Take advantage of seasonal promotions. Adding flavored syrup helps you sell more coffee. According to Coffee Connection almost 50% of all beverages sold includes flavoring. Pushing your flavored coffees will help you sell more drip coffee. And taking advantage of seasonal flavors such as “pumpkin spice” or “peppermint mocha” for a limited time encourages customers to grab it up!
  • Play the Name Game. Do you have a specialty drink? A name that raises curiosity can lead to more sales.
  • A bakery customer of ours featured four or five rotating flavors of personal sized pot-pies in their display cases. One of the least popular was the “Mexican Pie.” They decided to experiment with the name to see if it changed sales and went with “The Diablo.” The results were immediate, and quickly became a best-seller, just with a name change.

Shakespeare asked; What’s in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Marketers answer; A rose by any other name, wouldn’t sell as well and we’d be sending each other lilies on Valentine’s Day instead.

2. Targeted Free Samples

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