Internet Explorer Security Notification


This past weekend Microsoft Corp. announced a glitch in the system will make Internet Explorer users vulnerable to malicious websites and hacker attacks. As a large amount of our customers are Internet Explorer users we wanted to give you all a heads up to switch over your browsers.

While Microsoft looks for a security fix, International governments have advised Window’s users to avoid the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser for the time being.

According to Microsoft, the bug affects almost all versions of Internet Explorer and puts Internet Explorer users at risk of malware attacks from malicious websites. This could give hackers the same access to your computer as you have. Yikes!

What This Means For Your POS

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San Diego Medical Marijuana


When the state of California implemented a medical marijuana program, San Diego took some time to regulate dispensaries to operate legally. Now in San Diego at least 54 dispensaries are operating illegally due to lack of regulation. Earlier in 2014 the San Diego City Council made the decision to allow a legal path for dispensaries that have been operating illegally, anyways. Unfortunately, this process is complicated, expensive and highly restrictive. Fortunately, Cafe Cartel is located in San Diego so I was able to speak with a medical marijuana permit case manager and figure out the process.

Yesterday, I went down to the San Diego City council offices and learned more about the process of applying for a medical marijuana dispensary permit in San Diego. I think it’s also worth noting that it was also bring your kid to work day. On one side of the offices there were carnival games and fun events for families, and on the other side a line of people that had been in line for hours, some had waited in line all night, looking to apply for dispensary permits. It was definitely an eclectic mix of people. I don’t think they had planned for that.


Anyways, one of the first things I noticed was that some of the terms that San Diego uses are not uniform across the medical marijuana industry. So I’ll go ahead and define them.

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Heads Up Washington State!


On the week of April 21st, Washington State Liquor Control Board will have their dispensary license lottery.

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This November, a major medical marijuana bill will be on the ballot for Florida voters. However, before that Florida’s medical marijuana businesses, legislators and activists are preparing for when the law gets passed. Currently public opinion polls show, approval for medical marijuana use is at an all-time high.


Florida senate subcommittee voted to legalize a marijuana extract in the form of a low-dose liquid that can be given to children with severe seizures. This bill would allow for tightly-controlled use of a specially cultivated strain high in CBD and low in THC. A non euphoric or no-high brand of marijuana.


This shows a major shift in attitudes toward medical cannabis.


Now this legislation that had just been passed isn’t related to the medical marijuana initiative that’s making it’s way to Florida’s ballot this November, but it is an indicator as to how the vote and regulations may go.



Medical Marijuana to be on Florida’s November Ballot

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Consuming 200 million barrels of beer in 2012, it’s safe to say that Americans love their beer. With the growing popularity of microbreweries, Americans are getting more beer variety than ever. Something they don’t mind spending on. Since homebrewing became legalized in 1978, local breweries and craft breweries has been taking more and more of the market share.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to start your own brewery?


Did you know?

In 2013 $3.9 billion was spent on craft beer alone.

Craft beer enjoys 10.2% of the industry's market share.

You only need 5 basic ingredients to start your first craft beer batch.

Big name microbreweries such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Boston Brewing Company started homebrewing in a garage.

Infographic and Start-up Costs for Brewery Businesses

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