Prepping for Quick Service - Smoothies, Ice Cream, Fast Food, Hamburgers and More.

Streamline your process, and ensure the products are getting made properly each time

Do you have the need to instruct your staff a bit on the Fly?

You may assign items to print out with instructions on print out. This is great for newer locations and locations with a bit of turn over. This is also helpful for new items, not yet printed out with instructions or just temporary items for the weekend on special.

You may be doing a test market with a certain smoothie or a certain burger, and you just can program this in the menu, and on the instruction list. The instruction list will work all day for your staff without the need to have a meeting with them.

How tp get the instructions to your staff?

You may watch this video below.

  1. Input the recipe instructions.
  2. Associate them with the item
  3. They will auto print on the prep printers at the time of the order
  4. That's it!
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