Black Friday Ideas For Your Vape Shop

While Thanksgiving marks the holiday season, Black Friday triggers the shopping for it. Some of the best deals of the year are on Black Friday. Many people research stores ahead of time and create a strategy in order to effectively map out their shopping goals for the day. If you want to draw in a lot of business, you’ll need to thoroughly prepare for this day in advance. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Create a Holiday Gift Guide for Your Vape Shop

The holiday season involves buying gifts for others instead of ourselves. Thus, many of your potential customers might be unfamiliar with vaping. They may just know that their brother or friend likes to vape and they want to get him a gift related to vaping. This is why you need to create a Gift Guide for these type of shoppers. Especially since your staff might not be able to spend a significant amount of time reviewing different ideas with them while they are swamped with the Black Friday rush. The last you want is a negative review like this - especially since it's preventable. By arranging suggested gift sets and promoting them online and in the store - these type of shoppers will be grateful they didn’t have to spend so much time and energy learning about what would be a good gift if your expertise has already provided a solution for them.

    Suggested Guide Set Ideas
  • Quit Smoking, Start Vaping Beginner Gift Set
  • Organic Fruity Assortment
  • Flavors of Christmas Gift Set
  • Candy Lovers Gift Set

Inform Your Customers of Your Black Friday Specials in Advance

Now that you have a gift guide, you’ll need to decide what types of discounts you want to offer to your customers. Once you have these outlined, create a notification for your customers and email them your gift guide and the specials you’ll be having on Black Friday. Also, post these on your website and social media so that people can plan their shopping strategy around your deals.

While most people are online, other people aren’t so savvy. Be sure to have some signage outside of your storefront listing what type of specials you’ll be having on Black Friday. Passersby will see this in advance and make note. It may even trigger them to think about someone and say, “Oh! I know what to get David for Christmas now!”

How to Compete with the Big Retailers

Typically, it’s harder for small businesses to slash prices as much as the major retailers do. While your vape shop may not be able to compete with these big businesses strictly by price comparison, there are other ways for you to gain a competitive edge against the competition.

Create the reasons why your products or vape shop is special. You could even include your company’s mission statement. Your message should be telling a story. This makes your business more personable - something many chains can’t do. A suggested idea would be filming yourself talking about these points or even interviewing a customer about their experience at your shop. Post these on your social media ahead of Black Friday. We will also advise checking out our article about How to Implement a PR Strategy for Your Business.

Coordinate with Other Local Business For Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express to support local businesses. As we mentioned previously, it’s more difficult for small businesses to compete with large chains. This day was created by American Express in order to encourage people to buy local and support the businesses in their community - specifically on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

If you go to the Small Business Saturday website, you’ll find downloadable content and tips for your business to participate in this shoppers holiday. It would be advisable to ask other neighboring businesses to participate as well so that your area can grain traction and more attention. The same advice we gave you in this article about Black Friday, is applicable to Small Business Saturday as well.

Further Advice for Your Vape Shop

We hope that this article has been of benefit for you. We‘ve been helping small businesses succeed since 2004 and provide them a variety of resources. To check out more helpful tools and tricks, check out our industry page for your business to see how you can continue to grow your business and reach your optimal potential.