MMJ POS Case Study

Canna Clinic’s mission statement is to provide qualified medical marijuana patients with safe, legal, and affordable access to mmj products. Along with their menu of top quality strains, drinks, edibles, and oils; Canna Clinic Medicinal Society is the first dispensary in Vancouver to offer to patients cannabis oil massages.

Marijuana massage

Cannabis Massages

Canna Clinic’s marijuana massages use cannabis oil to relieve pain and treat skin conditions. Cannabis oil has demonstrated healing properties beneficial for joints, spine, veins, blood and circulatory system. This service has continued their message of providing science and health based relief to patients with chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

Canna Clinic has been operating since September 2012 and started up shop using MJ Freeway POS. However, after a couple months in operation, Canna Clinic sought out a point of sale solution that would help them curb problems they were having with theft.

Canna Clinic

The Cash Drawer Problem

At the end of a shift, a cash drawer that is under speaks for itself. There was a counting error, or there may have been a case of employee theft. However, consistent overages in the cash drawer is also cause for concern. The cause could be that one of your budtenders is failing to ring up purchases and pocketing the cash at the end of the day. A way to combat this is the blind drop.
eliminate employee theft
After evaluating Canna Clinic’s needs CCS implemented a blind drop and surveillance system that would help them better manage employees and track sales.

One of the great things about working closely with small businesses is that we can address their needs as their business grows. Cafe Cartel Systems employed a blind drop solution that is traditionally used in bars to help Canna Clinic better track their sales and control any shrinkage that may have been occurring.