1. #love
2. #instagood
3. #me
4. #cute
5. #tbt
6. #photooftheday
7. #instamood
8. #picoftheday
9. #beautiful
10. #iphonesia

Those are Instagram’s most used

Since the apps release, Instagram has now reached over 150 million users. This photo-sharing app is great for connecting people, interests and businesses. Specifically for business, this is a phenomenal resource to connect to your current and potential customers. Instagram allows you to market your business in a creative way to make it attractive to viewers. One factor that people do not pay as much attention as they should is the significance of HASHTAGS.

Your Bar’s Guide to Instagram Hashtags

When posting on Instagram you can add hashtags to your picture caption or you can leave a comment with them included.

What do hashtags do for photos posted?

  • finds new followers
  • shares photos virally
  • targets specific and broad viewers

Basic Instagram Hashtag Rules

  • can use numbers
  • cannot use specific symbols: $ &
  • can use on your caption or comments, but not on others
  • can search the hashtag to see other’s posts
  • relate it to your picture/business
  • can provide personality

How To Build Your Business Instagram Profile With Hashtags

Another great tool to consider is the timing of your postings. Take into consideration your target audience and include appropriate pictures with appropriate hashtags. Not only do you want to be consistent with hashtags and photos but also knowing at what time to post is crucial.
- example: If you are operating for nation wide US customers, then you want to pick a time that is popular for the east and west coast. Typically avoid early mornings or very late in the night (again depending on business).
- example: If you are a bar you would want to post in the early evening and throughout the night. Especially if you are giving promotions or trying to advertise your venue, begin posting at 5 PM or later.
When it comes to what day is best to post, here is a great chart from track maven that shows which days have the most uploads vs which days are the most effective


The result shows that Thursday has the highest picture posts, yet weekends are more effective. Again, depending on your target audience your posting schedule might be different. Younger crowds have more time to browse on their phones during the week, where adults with a working schedule might check their news feed more on weekends.
Statistics say Instagram pages with over 1,000 followers received about 21.21 interactions per post where less than 1,000 followers accounts that add 10 hashtags receive an average of 77.66 interactions. This proves that hashtags do work and increase brand involvement. When you hashtag, you increase your visibility to an interest page where people can find your page link. It’s an amazing way for your company to share it’s post so that the market customers can discover you. Also when people “heart” pictures, their friends can see that in the following section which also will promote your company’s pictures to others.

Bar Hashtag Examples

bar: New Belgium- Fort Collins, CO @newbelgium

new belgium-png

Our Hashtag Recommendations

  • #beer #delirium #newbelgium #fortcollinsbeer #COdrinking #beerlovers #beerordie #happyhour

what these hashtags promote

  • product
  • brand/store
  • attract local people with beer interests
  • store/brewery promotions
  • an invite to come

nightclub: (speaks for itself) Marquee- Las Vegas, NV @marqueelv


Our Hashtag recommendations:

  • #marqueelv #bestnightcub #nightlife #bottleservice #vip #summerlovin #vegasclub #jesuswillbethere #celebrities #poppinbottles #foreveryoung #turntup

what these hashtags promote

  • the night club
  • the night event
  • sends fun vibes- place to be
  • adds personality to the venue
  • allows people searching for clubs to discover you

The best part about using Instagram and incorporating hashtags is that in can be applied to any type of bar business. Use this platform to promote and show off what you have to offer!