Opening this summer - Too much of a good thing?


The next wave of frozenyogurt stores has begun.  This latest franchise has certainly tipped the scales in their favor.

Weigh togo.jpg

Their mission statement sought to accomplish three things:

1. Be more green.

2. Be more healthy.

3. Be more weird.


It's not that the staff's outfit is outrageous... we get to that later. It's the paradigm shift from weigh and then pay to weigh, order, then weigh then pay.


When you enter this sleek bubble of a yogurt store, the surface of the floor speaks to you. It really does. It says. "Please take this ticket, and present to the cashier before leaving." The ticket has your order number, and YOUR weight with froyo in hand. This floor size ADA approved scale is accurate up to .01 ounces!


So what happens when you get there? Their yogurt, although having a high lead content they are delicious. You can enjoy your fill of all seasonal cereal toppings. And then you can hang out; they have TV's they have pool tables and chalk boards, there is even a treadmill. I myself did a few miles since I didn't bring a wallet.


Enjoy your fill, and when you are done, walk up to the counter. Simply present your ticket and the staff will calculate the difference in your new personal weight.


If you guess your own new weight, you get 50 percent off all summer!


The only drawback we found so far: no bathrooms are located within the store itself.

In our next article: the owners revolutionary decision to use Snuggies as the work uniform, and why!