How to Control and Manage Inventory by Recipe

For restaurants and bars, management and strict inventory control is vital. With the competitive prices of purchasing supplies and competitive prices of selling your product, there is no room for excess waste and avoidable mistakes. Gross margins are slimming down and inventory needs to tighten up to maximize profits. With that being said, there are two main steps- the first is to keep a detailed track of all inventory used during operations. For bars this would be the amount of each bottle that is poured out for each drink, for restaurants it is all of the food ingredients that are needed for each recipe. The second step is to use the collected data to control and limit waste so that you decrease your product cost and earn more from your customer’s payments.

Key for Success: Develop a Control System Through Your POS

  • Input all of your initial inventory and their prices
  • Add all of the recipes and how much servings of each ingredient will be used
  • Also include additional notes for making the product- to make each recipe consistent
  • Use the POS system for customer orders/transactions
  • The recipes and precise amounts will show up to the cooks
  • At the end of a trial period, see what recipes were ordered the most, and what ingredients were used to decide the optimal reordering point to save money on excess products or from understocking.

By applying these measures and controls over the operations, your business will see the maximized gross profit. Control of current inventory, use of measured supplies, analysis reports and set reordering points will allow the business to run in its full potential.

POS Software Benefits with Recipe Control

Include all of the recipes and instructions, with optional visuals for cooks and customers. Connecting your recipes to your inventory in order to minimize product cost Keep a detailed report of recipes used and the exact amount of ingredients per recipe.

Sophisticated inventory control systems allow you to manage sites and the proper reorder levels. Optimize your transactions by auto generating reorder lists for vendors and track returns. To find out how this inventory system will manage your site speak with one of our sales representatives.


Analyze your product usage data report

Draw up your inventory whenever you need it. This report calculates transactions within any given period.