Thanks to research firm: Software Advice’s recently released 2014 buyer review study, for Consignment Retail Stores, we got unique insight as to what Consignment Retailers are most looking for from their point of sale system.

Using this data along with our POS experience here is a list of the top questions to ask to make sure you’re getting the most out of your consignment point of sale investment.


1. Is this software built specifically for consignment businesses?

24% of consignment businesses cite the reason they are in the market for a new point of sale system is due to the fact that their current one just wasn’t built for their industry. One of the main pain-points consignment business owners have to deal with is the time and organization that it takes to track consignors and manage constant inventory changes. While basic retail software will have features to manage inventory, consignment specific tasks are still largely left to be dealt with manually. 


Top Reasons for Software Purchases

PainPoints Consignment 

2. Does this system update my inventory in real time?

Consignment businesses see a quick overturn of inventory. While normal retailers get a shipment in every couple weeks and have the same set of inventory for months, consignment is completely different. Being able to update your inventory quickly and see the changes immediately is huge time saving tool.

3. Can you show me the sales tracking and reporting features?

Sales tracking and reporting is still the number one feature on most businesses point of sale check list. All point of sale systems will have this capability. Request to see it in action via a live demo to make sure that it has the usability that you are looking for.

Top Requested Consignment Software Features

Top Software Features


4. Are all the consignment features integrated into the software?

You don’t want to have to exit out the program, open another and deal with multiple files just to get to your consignment specific features. Make sure everything is integrated and works together seamlessly.

5. What are the capabilities of the CRM tools so I can track consignors?


    Consignment CRM features to add to your wishlist:
  • Keep track of consignor purchases and sales
  • Ability to calculate percentages to pay to consignors
  • Address book and phone book
  • Note section for consignor profiles