Halloween is one of the first cooler weather holidays of the year. Both bakeries and restaurants experience an influx of sweet orders, whether it’s for holiday parties, halloween festivals or large orders to impress friends or trick or treaters with, come Halloween night. Equipping your catering program for Halloween will set you up for success all holiday season long.

Your Bakery Catering Program

Now that you have your picturesque Halloween menu down, a great way to boost revenue is to drive customers towards your catering program.

In 2013, the catering industry contributed over $45 billion to the economy.

In the past 5 years the modern lifestyle has become more and more demanding than ever before. Families and professionals alike have less time to cook, prepare and spend time in the kitchen. However, people still want to spend time sharing a meal in their homes. Because of this trend, the catering industry has continued to grow. “Estimates are that the catering industry will see over 5% growth in the next year.”


Make sure that your bakery pos has the following catering tools in time for Halloween!

 Halloween Bakery

Source: bakeeatlovenow.blogspot.com

Suspend Order Payment Until Pickup

This feature speaks for itself. The less time you spend worried about accepting payment is more time you can devote to producing the highest quality product possible, which never hurts when looking to turn customers into regulars. From the customer standpoint not having to pay until they actually see the finished product is also a great way to put their minds at ease and guarantee their excitement when they do actually see the finished product.

Create and Manage Daily Task List for Head Baker

This will enable your head baker to get a clear idea of what orders need to get done by what time of day and allow them to delegate to the rest of their kitchen staff accordingly. This makes sure that your kitchen staff has enough information to budget their time and ensure your orders get out to your customers on-time. This feature will especially come in handy when you need to complete a large party order on a strict deadline.

Schedule Dates for Baking, Pick Up and Delivery

Nothing helps a food service business run smoother than remaining organized. With different customized orders coming in at different times all over the day that need to be completed on a tight schedule having a POS system that allows you to simply schedule dates and times for baking, pick up and delivery is invaluable.

These three features will allow your bakery point of sale to do the same by allowing you to devote most of your time to creating festive delicious Halloween treats!