Life can be stressful, whether it’s work, finances, relationships, or even family we all need a place to unwind, a place we can escape to and just be generally jovial. If you live in New York and find yourself in need of a place to unwind and you love cats than Meow Parlour is the place for you.



Meow Parlour



Cat cafe’s, like Meow Parlour, got their start in Asia in the 1990s in part due to small apartment sizes and landlord who would not allow pets in their residencies. To give people a place to unwind cat cafe’s allow their guests to interact with cats in a home like environment without any of the long term commitments or responsibilities. In the past decade the cate cafe trend has spread like wildfire throughout Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe, the Middle East, and now they’re beginning to make their mark in America.

Mewow Parlour is not the first cat cafe in America, but it is the first in New York City, where it opened it’s doors on December 15th to lucky few who were able to snag a reservation. Initial reservations were quickly filled up for Meow Parlour’s first two months in operation and current limits allow for only 20 visitors at a time with no walk-in positions available until things settle down.


Meow Parlour Interaction



All of Meow Parlour’s cats are adoptable through KittyKind, an all volunteer, no kill rescue group located in New York City so if you fall in love with a cat during your visit, you can apply to adopt it!

You can enjoy all the adoptable cats Meow Parlour has to offer for as little as half an hour to give you enough time to pet a few or you can stay for as many as 5 hours with access to Meow Parlour’s free wifi network while a cat takes a cat nap right next to you. Children under 10 can currently only visit during times specifically allocated for children. It costs for $4 per half hour for adults and children over 10 and $12 for 1 child and 1 chaperone for 1 hour not including any food or drinks purchased at the Meow Parlour Patisserie.

The Patisserie, or the cafe half of the cat cafe, is located around the corner from the cat space in order to satisfy Health Department requirements. For the time being patrons will have to get their cat shaped cookies and iced coffee there and bring it to the cat room, but in the near future those treats will be delivered straight to the cat room.

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