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Alex's Liquor & Wine provides Outlet for Larger Expansion

Alex’s Discount Liquors & Wines Expands to Liquors & Wine Outlet Across the Street

Located in Brooklyn, New York is Alex’s Discount Liquors and Wines. Since 2011, Alex’s has supplied both wines and spirits to the local area that range from everyday, to high end options. About a year after opening, Alex’s business picked up so much business that they moved across the street and became Liquors and Wine Outlet. This larger location allowed them to stock more desirable options and provide a higher level of customer service to their customers.

Alexs Outlet New York

Large Liquor Store Uses Six POS Terminals for Sales, Inventory, Admin & Delivery

When Alex’s first opened they wanted a Point of Sale Solution they could grow with. Which is why they chose Cafe Cartel Systems - the leading POS provider to the liquor store industry. When they first opened they started with only one terminal. But as they expanded over the years they began adding more terminals to the store - totaling six.

While CCS Point of Sale terminals can each handle admin, delivery, inventory and sales features, Alex’s chose to add more terminals for the following reasons. The first is adding a system for the back office so that the manager can do inventory, create purchase orders, complete payroll and reconcile accounts without interrupting the main terminal.

Secondly, having multiple terminals allows staff to keep lines short and prevent long wait times. Delivery orders can be placed at any terminal and will send out a notification to the driver with the order details and address. Since Alex’s provides delivery service, this option became incredibly useful to them.

Alexs Outlet New York

Features Designed Around Liquor Stores Point of Sale Needs

Cafe Cartel has designed their turnkey POS system specifically around the needs of the liquor store industry. With a 5000-12000 inventory item list, CCS is proven to be easily installed and provides managers with complete oversight. CCS comes with item location tracking, case and split case pricing, age verification, lottery payouts and reports, as well as a drink database of over 6000 recipes. To see how Cafe Cartel can help your liquor store’s growth, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.