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Datacap Netepay Setup

For the Vx805 install this driver:


Netepay Software

VX805 Device not connecting?

VX805 Instructions to change menu settings from Comport to USB:
Step 1: Unplug the device, wait for the screen to go blank, then plug it back in.
Step 2: Wait specifically for the word “Initializing” to show on the display screen
Step 3: As soon as you see “Initializing” on the screen hit the Alpha button (black button under display screen) and the number 8 key simultaneously. Keep hitting “Alpha 8” together over and over until you see the com menu appear.
Step 4: Once the com menu appears, select USB as the option.
The above will reset the device to USB settings and should work just fine for the above noted scenario.

NetEpay Server

Download the appropriate server - most are on the rental side. Mercury/Vantiv is a purchase.

Net Epay Server

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