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getting_started:start - CCS KB

CCS Point of Sale

Getting Started with Your Point of Sale:

If you are new to CCS there's a few things you should get started with so we can have a great experience together. The processes involved in completing your goals may take several appointments depending on your business type, configuration and needs.

Scheduling the Appointments

For new installations and business manager/owner change overs, we schedule them 24 hours in advance Mondays - Fridays (not including holidays) Between 8 and 5 Pacific Time. (So the last appointments are usually about 4 PM.) This also applies to training, credit card processing changes, upgrades and other scheduled procedures.

Are you setting up the system for first time use?

It's important to note a few things when getting your system up and ready. Quite often you aren't the person who bought the system, but have been assigned to set it up. So if that's the case please note the following:

New Installations are scheduled 24 hours in advance Mondays - Fridays (not including holidays) Between 8 and 5 Pacific Time. (So the last appointments are usually about 4 PM.

Please do not install other software or applications on the computers until we have the systems in place and in use.

You will want to refer to our guides if you have a Altera or Apex Solution.

Are you taking over a system, either you bought the store or you are a new manager/owner?

Send us your contact info, name, store, businesss phone, email to ticket@cafecartel.com

Please make sure you know how to Backup your system prior to any use.

Also please schedule events before you make new changes for the first time.

If you are a new owner:

Setting up the Software for first time use.

If you have the system in place, but have taken over a store and want to wipe out and clear out the whole thing, you'll want to schedule training and have some things ready:

  • Your menu / product list of items services you'll be selling or providing.
  • Your goals - rewards programs, discounts.
  • Credit Card Processor Selected

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