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Installation Guide of CCS Software

Supported OS Systems: Windows XP, 7 and 8

Special Note Pre Installation:

Create an administrator account on your computer.
Log into this account for installations.
Turn off Virus Software.
Windows 7 and Windows 8 Note - For each installation make sure you right click on the software and select Troubleshoot compatibility, choose XP SP3 as the mode.

Step 1.

Follow the video instructions.

*For Windows 7 And 8, accept the warning about SQL Server 2005 and continue the installation.

Step 2.

Install the database. If installing a new database from the website.

Download any of the demo databases. They are cleared after they are installed.

Step 3.

Install Peripherals and follow the instructions on setup guides from and

This is the conclusion of the setup. See specific information for connecting terminals, and installing peripherals from the Help section on our website.

Software Licensing:

You can pull the Serial No so we can provide you the license. Follow the attached instructions: they start from the within CCS Office.

Main Toolbar - Help - Registration.

Email the serial and site (if there is one). You will receive by email a license.

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