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Kitchen Display Software Setup

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CCS typically uses Logic Controls bump bars.

The setup of the KDS software is done from the Config.ini file located in the computer running the KDS system. This is usually the server.

The KDS System Software uses the same printer settings that are on each terminal. Typically this will be the same as the server, which is where the Software is located. However, if the locations for the printers are not showing up properly, copy the reportsettings.mdb file from one of the POS terminals, to the 'c:\program files\cafe cartel' directory of the server.


XP Pro must be used as the server, or Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 Server.

If a KDS system is being used, RDP Multi Login must be setup for the server.

Control Panel

CCS Office has settings for the aspects of the KDS.

1. Orders can be colorized based on their type.

 CCS Control Panel - Order Types - Change List Color, then save the order type.

2. Notification - the KDS will flash when orders reach a time limit.

 CCS Control Panel - Peripherals - Kitchen Display Settings
 Set the "Header Flash" and the "Background Red Settings"
 Select Auto print if you wish the items to appear on the KDS as they are entered in the POS System.


The config.ini file must have these settings under the defaults section PrepMonitorDefault = [nameoflocation]

ShowPrepMonitorButtons = 0 or 1. 0 Will not show the buttons on the prep monitor, 1 will. If you are using a Bump bar ShowPrepMonitorButtons should be set to 0.

Bump Bar Settings:


 Moves to the Previous Group


 Moves to the Next Group


 Bumps the Order


 Changes Printer Location


 Toggles Bumped/UnMade Orders


 UnBumps Order


 Selects Next Item in Current Order


 Selects Previous Item in Current Order


 Bumps Selected Item in Order


 Adds more Lists to the Display.


 Removes Lists from the Display

Numeric Keys 0-9

 Selects Orders 1-10 on the screen.

Right Arrow

 Moves to the Next Order

Left Arrow

 Moves Previous Order 

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