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Reconciliation Theory:

Reconciliation is a powerful process in the point of sale software which allows the management to review inventory an realize shrinkage, theft, and auditing.

POS System Application

Reconciliation is a periodic calculation of the quantity of products on hand. It collects the list of items marked as “inventory items” in the product management screen, or items entered in through the inventory item section. Once this list is written the user can update the current stock by entering the total amount in inventory for each item.

Hand held scanners are available to use for inventory purposes. The scanner will look up each item in the inventory list for the current period and update the current quantity on hand.

There are two parts of reconciliation: The Periods, and the Details:
Periods and Features
Add Period:Generates a New Period based on the current date
Show Period:Displays the selected period in the period list
Update Item Count to Reconciliation:Updates all items quantity on hand to ending values of reconciliation.
Close Period:Closes Period.
Create Change Transaction:Creates a Transaction Based on all the changes Made.

Further Explanation of Details:

In addition to simply being a place to update the item quantity on hand, this section allows you to update items to have similar features. The sub toolbar allows item updating such as the Department, category etc. Once a group of items in the period has been scanned, press the Update Items, then any changes made in the feature window will update all scanned items.

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