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CCS Not Starting

There can be multiple reasons CCS is not starting. This guide approaches some of those reasons.

There is a chain of things that need to work in order for CCS to work.

The computer has to be functioning properly. The SQL Server has to be functioning properly. The software has to be functioning properly. If any one of these are not working then there can be issues.

Check your Primary Computer

If you are experiencing an issue with your Terminals not connecting, the first step is to check your Primary Computer. This can be POS1 or a Server.

If your Primary Computer is not Working

The following are possible issues that may be occuring if your Server is not working with CCS

Error 3709

  • SQL Server didn't Start
  • Data Base Corrupted

Start SQL Server

Both of these would result in the same error. You first need to verify SQL Server is started.

If you are getting Error 3709 on your System, it may be that SQL Server Is not Running.

There are multiple version of SQL Server, so you will want to make sure you are accessing the proper one.

XP would most like be 2005, Win7 would be 2005,2008 or 2012, Windows 8 would be 2005,2008 or 20012.

From Start Go to All Programs - SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Configuration Tools - SQL Configuration Manager From the Left - select 'SQL Server 2005 Services'

There should be a green arrow on the SQL Server instance.

Database Corrupted

A corrupted database can be difficult to determine as well as repair. You would need to contact CCS in order to determine if it's the database, tables, indexes.

If you do have a bit of SQL server knowledge, then you can attempt to repair the database using SQL Management Express, or your preferred tool for managing SQL Server. This is beyond the scope of this document however. You would need to submit a ticket or call us at 866 973 8099.

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