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EMV Processing Guidelines for Reviewing Errors.

To be clear so you know what has is going on with Card processing:

The device is returning an error when reading the chip.

There is a log file that is generated whenever any transaction occurs. This file saves the results of each transaction with an positive result or an error code and description.

When an error occurs, you will want to save the the date and time and the computer it occured on. We can then pull the log and provide you the file information to discuss with the processor.

Errors include but are not limited to:
1. Card
2. Card Type
3. Damage to Chips/Mag Stripe.
4. Insufficient Funds
5. Processor related issues.
6. Other.

If you want to pull them on your own, we can walk you through that. They are mostly human readable. There is a file for each day and or transaction, in the Windows folder you will see the date modified corresponds to the time of the transaction.

The log files are usually located on the POS Terminal itself in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Datacap Systems\EMVUSClient\DATACAP_LOGS

An example of the result of a transaction could look like this: You just have to look for the <TextResponse> Section which gives you the actual response. It's actually a normal description rather than something cryptic like programmers use.

[09:44:55]\ <?xml version=“1.0”?>\ <RStream>\

	<TextResponse>TRANSACTION NOT COMPLETE - Invalid Com Port.</TextResponse>\



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