CCS Point of Sale


The customer tab in the control panel provides options for customer search and loyalty program use in CCS. All options within the customer dialog box are explained below:

Search Options

  • Default Search Option : Allows to search for a customer using a text search( using address or name), phone search or using the customer's VIP card
  • Show Client Pictures in CRM : Allows to show client pictures in CRM. It can be seen in Contact » Files

The customer settings within the control panel in CCS is shown below:

Fig 1: Control Panel :Customer

Loyalty Program Options

Loyalty Points Program

  • Save Customer Loyalty Points per Dollar Spent : Check this if you want to add a loyalty point for every dollar spent
  • Discount Type of Program : Choose if your type of program is cash or percentage discount program
  • Enter Value of Discount for Each Point : Enter discount value for each point
  • Cash Payment Bonus : This option allows for extra loyalty points as specified in this field if payment is made by cash
  • Display Points as Cash Value : Check this if you want points to display based on cash value

Loyalty Coupon Program

  • Discount Type of Program : Choose program based on cash discount by number/value of orders
  • Number or Value of Orders until Discount is Offered : Enter number/value of order that determines when discount is offered
  • Print Coupon when Number of Orders is Met : Enter number that determines to print coupons if certain number of orders are met


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