CCS Point of Sale

System Setup

The first and foremost section to setup is the System Setup of the CCS software. In this section, you will turn on/off important features and options based on your business type and needs.

You can access the System Setup Section of the CCS software in the Control Panel.
To access this go to Windows Start » CCS » Office Touch » Control Panel.

Once you start CCS Office, set the business type under System Submenu from the left panel.

The following grid explains the features of the control panel. Important options often used to perform various functions within the software will be explained in detail, while most of them are self-explanatory.

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Control Panel System Setup

System Allows to choose the default business and order type
Credit CardAllows to set various options based on credit card processing
Daily ReportsAllows to set various options based on reports
CustomersAllows to set options for customer search and loyalty program usage
Order ListAllows to customize the column width of the user interface for menu and terminal screens
ReceiptsAllows to set various receipt options
RestaurantAllows to set various options for food service
Menu Button LayoutAllows to customize the menu button layout for the terminal screen
POS TerminalAllows to set options in POS terminal
LabelsAllows to setup various label options for printing
Order TypesProvides options for different order types and their associated work-flows
Tender TypesSetup Payment Methods
TaxesAllows to set tax options for commodities
Void_reasonsAllows to add reasons for void orders
Printer SetupAllows to set printer options in CCS
PeripheralsAllows to setup options for peripherals for use with CCS
Network Allows to setup for options related to network and CCS
Company Provides company information
RegistrationAllows you to register the software


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