CCS Point of Sale

Menu Button Layout

There are three sections to the Menu Button Layout:

  • POS Navigation Toolbar
  • Menu Functions
  • Retail Functions

The changes to the menu functions are not visible in the POS Software until you restart the POS Software. You should only change these functions during non-business hours.


There are default functions setup for each section. If you change functions, add/delete buttons or change the name, you can always reset to the default functions.

Function Function Description
Add Inventory Item To OrderWhen in the retail screen this option adds the searched inventory item from the inventory list
Adjust TotalOffers the cashier or server the ability to adjust the entire total of the order by entering a order total value
Age CheckOffers the cashier a window to swipe a drivers license that reports the license holder's age and name
Alpha SortingSorts the menu items in the menu screen
BackNavigates back to the previous screen when available
Buy BackIs a buy back function for specific business types
Caller IDNavigates to the caller id screen
Cancel OrderCancels the current order. Deletes the items in the order. If items are printed, or saved this is not available
Cash CloseCloses the order by taking the cashier or server to the cash screen
Change Input QuantityChanges the pre-input quantity of the item
Change Item QuantityChanges the selected item in the receipt's quantity
Clear Item NotesClears the text input items' notes
Close OrderCloses the current order to the payment screen
Credit PaymentDisplays the credit payment window with the current remaining balance of the order
Daily ReportingProvides user access to the daily reporting window
Debit SalePerforms a debit sale
Delete ItemDeletes an item from the current order if the item is not saved or printed
DiscountsOpens the discount window
Display Order TotalShows the order total on the VFD customer display
Discount Order Specified Allows to a add a specific discount based on the variable chosen from the variable field
Exact CashCloses the order with the exact change
Fast CloseCloses the order. A variable number can be placed in this function, such as $20. This will apply $20 as a payment. This will result in the order showing the change back from $20.00
Find CustomerShows the customer search window or the current customer if an order is assigned to the customer
Gift CardShows the gift card payment window
Gift CertificateShows the gift certificate payment window
Gift MercurySet for processing payment of Mercury Gift Cards
Gift Card BalanceDisplays the balance of a swiped or keyed gift card.
Group Items In PlateGroups items in the menu screen. This will display a blue line beneath item selected in the list
Guest CountAllows to Change the guest count in the order
Event SchedulingShows an event scheduler for the order
Hold OrderHolds the order items for times specified
Input Item QuantityInputs the item quantity for the next item pressed
Inventory Item -AddAdds a new inventory item
Inventory Item -EditEdits the current inventory item selected
Item CopyCopies an item into the order
Item GroupsGroups items
Item DiscountItems Discount Prompt. Manager access only
Item PriceAllows to changes the item price. Manager access only
Item ReturnReverse item charge and prompts for item to be returned to inventory. Manager access only
Item RoundsRounds the quantity of items to a whole number
KeyboardUsed for notes & order naming
Keep the ChangeAdds the amount required to equal a whole dollar amount for the order
Lock StationLocks the station to PIN entry
Loyalty ButtonApplies the loyalty options for the customer
Loyalty PointsApplies unused loyalty points
Print Order To KitchenPrints order to prep area or kitchen
Make Payment Requests Input of payment amount from the menu screen or retail screen
New OrderStarts a new order
No SaleOpens the cash drawer
OfficeOpens CCS Office - Accessed users only
Order InfoShows order info screen and order notes
Order/InventoryIn Retail window, shows user the order or inventory items
Order NameInput Screen for order name
Order TypeChanges order type, or updates all items to new order type
Payment ScreenTakes cashier or server to payment window
Pending OrdersShows user open orders or pending orders
Pre-AuthPre-auth window for swiping credit cards
Print Last OrderPrints last order
Print CheckPrints current orders check
Print LabelPrints label for items in order
POS FunctionsShows POS functions window
Read ScaleDisplays the scale reader
Re-Make OrderRe-Prints the items to the kitchen or prep area
Search MenuSearches the menu items with an on screen keyboard
POS SettingsShows POS Settings
SpacerAdds a spacer button to the toolbar
ScanSets the menu screen to retail scanning
ReservationsShows the reservations window
Retail ScreenShows the retail screen
Return Item StandardNormal item return
Return Item AdvancedItem return with kiosk features
TablesShows the restaurant table window
Time ClockShows the time clock options
View Open OrdersShows the open orders window
View Inventory InfoIn the retail screen when in inventory view, this shows the inventory items information
View Inventory PricesIn the retail screen when in inventory view, this shows the inventory items prices
Void Item Voids selected item in the order
What Can I Get Runs the option to determine the price of an item (used for dispensaries)
What Can I Get Tiered Displays the list of pricing for an item. Press this button, then press the menu item to see the list.


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