CCS Point of Sale


The settings for restaurants are varied based on your business and order type. You can determine your business type by going to CCS Office » Control Panel » System. You should review each one of the settings and use them as per your requirements. If not you can turn them off or ignore them.

Dine In Orders

This section outlines what commonly occurs in dining situations. However, some of the features can also be used in quick service or other styles of table service.

  • Prompt for Order Name on New Order-Dine In & Take Out Service : Prompts for Order Name on New Dine In or Take Out Service in CCS Terminal
  • Require # of Guests on New Order : Prompts for number of guests on new order
  • Go to Table Layout when Order “Dine In” is Chosen : Takes you to the table layout screen when Order Dine In is chosen
  • Prompt Order Name for Bar Service : Prompts for Order Name for Bar Service
  • Always Print Items to Prep Before Leaving Menu Screen : Allows to print items to prep before leaving the menu screen
  • Suppress Print Prompt Message for Prep : Suppresses the print prompt message for prep after you close a transaction
  • Automatically Apply Gratuity when Guest Count is Above : Automatically applies gratuity to order if guest count is above the number specified in this field
  • Pre Auth Transactions (Used for Bars)
  • Use High Contrast Color for Menu Items
  • Use Contrast Black and White Font


  • Delivery Charge : Allows to enter the charge for delivery
  • Delivery Rep Pay : Allows to enter the pay for delivery representative

Pool Table Service

  • Increment Table Charge Time in Minutes : Enter the time for
  • Minimum Time to Charge in Minutes : Enter the minimum amount of time to charge for a pool table

Order List

  • View Sort Options on Terminal : Allows to view sort options for all open orders
  • Default Show All Users
  • Refresh Pending Order Screen Every # of Seconds : Enter the time to refreshes the pending order screen
  • Menu Button Font : Allows to set the font for the Menu Buttons
  • Default Menu Category : Allows to choose the default menu category to display in POS Terminal
  • Default Order Type Filter
  • Menu Item Row Count : Allows to specify the Menu Item Row Count for the Menu Layout
  • Menu Item Column Count : Allows to specify the Menu Item Column Count for the Menu Layout
  • Menu Item Text Align
  • Multi-Line Text Align

Quick Service

  • Promised Time in Minutes
  • Show Seat Numbers : Displays seat numbers in Menu Screen in POS Terminal
  • Show Combine Order Options : Allows to combine order options in POS Terminal
  • Allow Item Grouping : Allows to group items
  • Enable Rounds : Allows to add rounds for drink orders
  • Display In Stock Items Only :
  • Auto Alpha Sort Menu on Start Up :


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