CCS Point of Sale


Three different print options are available at the close of the order.

  • Always Print
  • Prompt
  • Don't Print
  • Print Order ID as Bar Code on Receipt : Allows to print order id as bar code on receipt
  • Don't Print Modifier Notes on Receipt : Does not print modifier notes on customer receipt
  • Suggest 15% 18% 20% Tips on Receipt : Suggests 15% 18% 20% tips on receipts
  • Group Modifier Pricing in Main Item Price : Includes group modifier price in total sale price. Modifiers added will show beneath the main item
  • Print Credit Card Receipt Separately : Prints credit card receipt separately.

Note: To allow to print together the Is Credit Card option should be checked in tender types

  • Require DL Verification : Requires driver license verification before the purchase of an item|
  • Save Driver's License Number with Credit Card Payments : Allows to save driver license numbers along with credit card payments
  • Hide Contact Info on Receipt : Does not display contact information of customer on receipt|
  • Display Tax with Line Items : Allows to display tax per each line item
  • Display Total Above Tax in Receipt : Allows to display total sale above tax in receipt
  • Replace Product Name with Department, Brand on Receipt : Allows to replace product name with department or brand in receipt
  • Show what customer saved on Receipt : YTBT
  • IVA/VAT Display Style in Receipt : Allows for IVA / VAT 1) display style in receipt
  • Employee Name Format : Provides three options to display employee names;No Name, Partial Name, Full Name
  • Designed for 8 1/2 * 11 receipts
  • Footers in this section are overridden by footers from transaction management
  • Add footer notes for invoices, quotes and packing slips
1) IVA / VAT stands for International VAT Association/ Value Added Tax


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