CCS Point of Sale

POS Printer Setup

This section sets up printer assignment for the POS stations. This is performed at each station.

  • Open's Cash Drawer : Select the printer to which the cash drawer is assigned to. The port is the connection the printer uses. If these features are not set to match the printer, the cash drawer will not open.
  • Receipt Printer : This is the receipt printer. It is usually the same as the Cash Drawer.For proper operation, set the default printer in Windows to be the Receipt Printer.To set the receipt printer as the default printer, go to Control Panel» Printers and Faxes. Right click on the receipt printer and set it as the Default Printer.
  • Prep Station Label Printer: Add station printers to print out preparation instructions for items purchased at the register. You should add as many stations as you think you will need.
  • Expediting Printer : This is for the expediter. This print out is the full print out of the prep receipts in one consolidated print out.
  • Hand Held Receipt Printer:This assigned printer is basically used for printing receipts from the hand held
  • Label Printer : The label printer is basically used by dispensaries for print out labels for their products
  • Remote Printer : The remote printer is basically setup to print

Note : To save paper, you may prompt customers for receipt or only print on request. The default is set to always print.

Kitchen Printer Fonts

You might need to change the font of the print out. For example, a different printer brand or the font size needs to be increased. In this case, advanced printer fonts may need to be assigned. These fonts would be set from the advanced button for each printer being used. Each section must be set to the appropriate fonts.

Settings for Star SP 200 Printers

Star Printer Fonts » All font sizes = 8
Printer 16cpi
Printer 13 CPI Medium
Printer 16cpi Large
Printer 8CPI Larger
Printer 6.5cpi Largest


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