CCS Point of Sale


To correctly apply the taxes to the variety of customers you support, you must understand the four sections of tax setup:

  • Tax Rate
  • Transaction Types
  • Item Setup
  • Customer Option

Tax Rate

  • To access tax rate, go to Office Toolbar » System » Taxes
  • Tax Rates are applied to items specifically. There can be multiple tax rates in the system.
  • There are two tax rates; standard rate and zero. When zero is applied to an item, item will never be taxed.
  • CCS supports Canadian GST & PST, and Singapore's GST Tax. This method means the Tax is Compounded on the PST Tax.
  • CCS supports taxing of baked goods & drinks appropriately where required in regions of Canada.

Transactional Type Based Taxing

Office » System » Transaction Management

Different transaction types require or do not require tax. For each transaction type you will need to set the Tax option in the Transaction Type Window.

Examples: Retail vs. Whole Sale, Dine In vs. Take Out.

Canadian tax rules can apply to items in combination with the type of item they are.

Also supported is tax for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and Mexico.

Item Setup

When you add items, you should have already determined the transaction types and tax rates. For each item during setup, you will determine if the item is taxed always by a specific tax rate or based on transaction type.

Customer Option

CCS Office » CRM » Contact Search » Contact Information Screen.

For a variety of reasons a customer might be a non-taxed customer. From a wholesaler to a priest many different reasons are applied. Therefore, if you have input a customer into your customer database, you can set them as a non-taxed customer from

Tax Rounding

This topic is for those of you who have taxes which do not always apply what would seem like the correct amount. The system applies tax to items during the order only. When at the end of the month, or quarter, or period you run a sales report that shows the tax of the item, you very may well see less tax collected than the amount your standard tax is.

Example of Fluctuating Tax

For Example: your tax is .0775%. You have items that are $1.00, you can only ever charge $0.07 cents when charging for one item. however, if you were to sell 100 items, you would have charged $7.75 in tax. But, selling one item at a time is not the same as selling 100 items, and therefore your tax rate will seem to fluctuate.


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