CCS Point of Sale

Daily Reports

The daily reports tab provides many options in CCS that are preferential based. It is does not affect on how the system performs. Each option within this dialog box is detailed in the grid below

  • Report Grid Options1) : Displays options for thermal reports that you can print at the end of day
  • Allow Sales Report for Cashier/Server : Allows cashier and server to generate sales report
  • Email Closing Report Addresses : Allows to add multiple email recipients to send closing reports
  • Show Alcohol Sales : Shows alcohol sales
  • Auto BackUp System-Database : Allows to automatically backup system and database at close of day
  • Delete Unclosed, Unprinted Orders at End of Day : Allows to delete any unclosed, unprinted orders at end of day
  • Do not Display Tax in Closing Report : Does not display tax in closing report
  • Do not Display YTD, MTD in Closing Report : Does not display year to date or month to date amounts in closing reports

Note: The closing reports can be emailed to multiple recipients provided Microsoft Outlook is installed on the computer closing the day.

Turn off Auto Backup

Enable this option only if you have Enterprise, Professional, or Lite versions of CCS Software. This is used for systems that have databases greater than 500MB. Backup routines will be used with SQL Server that are intended to override or ignore CCS's routines. If you have a database larger than 500MB, you may experience time outs. When this occurs you will need to update to SQL Server Enterprise. You may contact us for support.

Note: If you elect to back up at the end of every day, you will need to periodically delete all old backup files.

Fig 1:Control Panel : Daily Reports

1) Found on left hand side of the dialog box


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