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Label Printer Setup

There are several types of labeling in CCS. This section describes setting up the different types of label printers used and in the different situations they are used.


Windows Settings

There are a variety of label formats. Your printer preferences in windows should match the size of the label you are using. Example sizes are: 2.25 X 2.00 1.12 X 1.25

Label Printer Type:

The dispensary labels are printed from Zebra Label 2824 Label printers or later models (please consult CCS if your printer is later then this model).

Set the label printer as the default Windows printer.

Cafe Cartel Settings

From Office - Control Panel - Printer Setup

Make a printer that has the following information:

From the Printer Setup Window:

Go to section 3. Prep _Label Printers

  • Select the Zebra Label Printer you have added through windows.
  • Name the location as “Label” this way if you have multiple label printers, you will know which one prints labels for Medicine.

Press the advanced button to bring up the Advanced Settings window.

From the Advanced Settings window.

For label sized 2.25X2 Set the "Label Size" as Prescription2 or Dispensary\\

For each computer, you would need to copy the 'ReportSettings.mdb' file from this computer's Cafe Cartel directory to the other computers. This file contains the settings associated with the printer and where to print out to. This is only needed when you setup the labels for the first time.

After this is done, you can assign the items to the print location of 'Label'


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