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This section outlines setting up labels, the print options, the text on the labels and font sizes and types.The labels option from the control panel outlines setting up labels, print options, text on the labels and font sizes and types.

To find out how to setup your printer for labels, go to Label Printer Setup


The categories within this menu are explained in the grid below:

Bar Code PrintingAllows to setup label margins and font settings fort labels
Bar Code Type IdentifiersAllows to identify a variety of barcodes using unique prefixes
Item Label settings in POS terminalAllows to print labels with barcode and price
General Label FeaturesAllows to add alternate text in labels
Label Field Display OptionsAllows to add multiple label display settings such as SKU ,Item price, Item size,Description etc
Prescription Label Field OptionsAllows dispensaries to add additional text or information and display customer information

A snapshot of the label option in control panel is shown below:

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