Month to Month Subscription Plan:

Includes full access to CCS Software - Pricing per terminal.

This plan covers phone and remote access support for:

  • CCS Software
  • CCS Supported Peripherals, their installation, configuration and replacement. - Peripherals provided by client may need drivers installed by client prior to support. Hardware support may require calls to manufacturer or provider of equipment.
  • Remote Login Support account.

Methods of Support

Based on the instance we will provide email, phone and remote support. If the site has available internet, we will connect the computer to the internet using remote services. If you do not have internet support, then phone and email support will be provided.

Subscription does not include hardware, or upgrades required for any support of product. This includes Hardware upgrades for Credit Card Services, other regulated industries, and normal day to day operations.

Terms and Conditions:

In consideration for the monthly recurring payments to be paid to CCBS, Inc. DBA Café Cartel Systems for their above-listed Software and Service(s), the Customer shall pay CCBS, Inc. DBA Café Cartel Systems the option decided from below using the per terminal option. Monthly fees described in this Agreement are paid by Customer to CCBS, Inc. DBA Café Cartel Systems. Payments will continue until the customer cancels their plan.

Refund Policy

In consideration that this policy is both for service and software, refunds are not available. We do not guarantee the results of service. In the event an issue with regard to service, can not be resolved we will work to resolve it through replaced hardware or work through a variety of means, but a failure of hardware is not a cause for refunds. However, you may cancel your plan at any time. In consideration of larger implementations, we may provide an alteration of this policy case per case.

Choose # of Terminals

Remote Office Login:

For users who need remote access without interfering with their current pos system using something like LogMeIn or TeamViewer, they can license the office software using this link: