Surveillance - Point of Sale Integrated DVR Systems - Theft Control Text Overlay Security

POS Report on Surviellence

Integrating your camera system with cafe cartel’s point of sale couldn’t be easier. We have put together a cost effective package, with high quality equipment that makes integration seamless and powerful.

  • POS Integration
  • Find out why it’s so important. Prevent Cashier Theft, and MisUse
  • IPhone - Android - Remote Viewing -
  • Making it easy for you to connect and manage
  • High Quality Camera / DVR System
  • The difference between us, Costco and online sources.
  • 8/4 Camera Bundle System
  • See our different bundles work for you
  • Integration with POS

  • Live Stream - Phone IPHone Android

  • Comparison to Costo - Store bough systems

  • Speco DVR's

  • Quote