Surveillance - Point of Sale Integrated DVR Systems - Theft Control Text Overlay Security

POS Report on Surviellence

Integrating your camera system with cafe cartel’s point of sale couldn’t be easier. We have put together a cost effective package, with high quality equipment that makes integration seamless and powerful.

  • POS Integration
  • Find out why it’s so important. Prevent Cashier Theft, and MisUse
  • IPhone - Android - Remote Viewing -
  • Making it easy for you to connect and manage
  • High Quality Camera / DVR System
  • The difference between us, Costco and online sources.
  • 8/4 Camera Bundle System
  • See our different bundles work for you
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Scenarios for Video Integration with Point of Sale

True integration of surveillance with your point of sale is a good insurance policy both for protecting your store from theft and employee control. The two points combined, will provide a solution that brings you closer to locking down your inventory, management practices and bring peace of mind and true security.There are many scenarios result in a situation where non-integrated surveillance is inadequate. We've put together a few below to give you some perspective

Theft Control - Employee Involvement: - The Underpaying Buddy Routine

Employee’s friends come in, they bring to the counter yogurt. The Employee presses Bottled Water on the POS. Issue: There’s no way to tell directly from the Surveillance System what happened, you would have to see the POS screen directly. And if you were only to remote view the POS, or see the sales for the day, you wouldn’t have determined this.

Customer brings up a bottle of alcohol. Employee is positioned to hide the act of scanning, and just scans of a gum. This act could dramatically foul up your inventory, as well as be a theft.

Software like Cafe Cartel’s Point of Sale with integrated security system will alert you to this.

Employee Mis-Use:

Integration logs employee usage as well. An employee that clocks in, is displayed on the screen of the actual user logging in. This would be matched with the person on the camera. Without surveillance one employee could clock in or out for another, and it would be difficult or impossible to track this.

Employees who log in for administration purposes. This ensures that an employee is logging in with their own code. This means your staff would more likely be caught if they were using others’ codes for overriding of voids, returns etc. This can be strengthened with the use of Key Cards, but not all locations want to use Key Cards

How to Integrate your POS with DVR Surveillance:

Integration is a straight forward process. It requires a surveillance system that does integrate and a Point of Sale system that allows for integration. Cafe Cartel’s point of sale, keeps track of the transactions as well as the other access points of the software.

  • Hosted Solution
  • GeoVision -On Site Solution
  • CCS Packages - On Site Solution
  • Speco DVR's
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Live Streaming Surveillance on your IPHONE, Android or Smart Phone

Camera Iphone Surviellance

Watch your store from your IPHONE. Keep on top of things. The Iphone App for Speco let's you do what you need remotely. The new SpecoView iPhone App will allow you to view a live video coming in from your Speco TH-Series, TL-Series or WM series DVR. You can also view recorded files from the DVR, set up events or change certain settings such as recording parameters, alarm settings and e-mail notifications.

You no longer have to be tied to a desk. Let your mobile device do the connection for you - wherever you are. If you have your Speco DVR connected to the internet you’re ready. There is no charge for the application. Just go to the iTunes store and search for SpecoView. Load it on your iPhone and get started today.

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High Quality Camera / Processional DVR System | Certified Vendor Better than Costco

A comparison study of Costco vs. a solution provided by packages offered by professional solution providers yields the following results. While Costco systems might be appropriate for your system, it’s important to understand the differences between what is offered at locations like Costco and your professional vendor.

  • Legal Comparison
  • Quality
  • Feature Benefits
  • Overall Satisfaction

Legal Comparison - POS Integration with Text Overlay

The text overlay has been a time proven solution. It’s hard coded imprint on the video with time stamp, and continuous monitoring has for years been a method to strengthen the case in employee theft cases.  Without the overlay, the burden requires more comparison of point of sale data, and does not prove that no tampering occurred. The continuous feed of text overlay and video combine presents a journal of documentation that is very clear and straightforward for anyone reviewing the case.

Quality of DVR

For many, the quality of cameras system provided by places like Costco are adequate. The considerations for buying a system are mostly budgetary. If your budget is to consider the next 5 years of operation, the features, flexibility and camera quality of a more professional system bring a significant value.

Feature Comparison - DDNS Server - Remote Access - POS Integration

Most notably would be the remote viewing, the ddns server (The ability to connect to your store from anywhere using just the hosted websolution, not something like which is not designed and does not work well with camera systems).

IPHONEs, Smart Phones, Androids with apps are simply a must feature for new business owners, but they will find these features lacking in the capabilities of those purchased at Costco. The Integration with Point of Sale. While more costly, the integration options significant boost the value of the camera system. Finally, we can considerations for you if you are looking at online purchases. Many of the surveillance manufacturers have policies that void the warranty if product is purchase by certain vendors, or under certain circumstances

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Speco | DVR Camera System for POS Integration

D4WRS250 This DVR is designed to be accessible from multiple locations, work for up to 4/8/16 cameras, and provided a high quality professional and easily accessible solution. H.264 4-Channel Digital Wall Mount Video Recorder with Network/DDNS Server, 250GB HDD


  • 4/8/16 Channel digital video recorder in covert wall mount chassis.
  • Convenient placement, and locked control of your DVR
  • Net-workable DVR with free DDNS server.
  • DDNS allows you to access your system from outside your store.
  • Easy and simple graphical user interface.
  • EZCopy, EZRecord setting.
  • Programmable recording on motion detection, sensor, schedule, continuous and manual.
  • Recording rate at 120 FPS at D1H.264 video compression.
  • High quality system means high frame rate and excellent compression.
  • Built in S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology for HDD) technology

More features for :

  • 4/8/16 channel audio recording available.
  • Covert camera operation provides enhanced security and administrator control with no accessible user controls.
  • Password to secure installation authorization.
  • Easy firmware upgrade by USB port or network.
  • Instant and convenient backup via USB Flash Drive or Network.
  • Simultaneous playback/record while continuing to network transfer or backup
  • Remote monitoring/recording/playback/configuration and control via Internet.
  • Network accessible via CMS Network Client Software, Web-Viewer and Mobile Viewer.
  • Free Apps with support for iPhone

Specifications of DVR System:

  • 120 FPS @ 720x480 (D1)
  • 1 Internal hard drive
  • H.264 video compression
  • 4 Channel audio input, 1 Channel audio output
  • Motion detection, sensor, schedule, continuous and
  • manual recording
  • Video Outputs: 1 VGA, 1 BNC, 1 SPOT
  • USB 2.0 port for snapshot and video clip exporting
  • Multiple language on-screen menus
  • IR remote control included
  • Network software supports Static IP, DHCP and DDNS
  • Network hardware supports 10/100Mbps
  • Power requirement: 12VDC @ 3A (D4WRS), 12VDC @ 5A
  • (D8WRS & D16WRS) (included)
  • Operating temperature: 41° F to 104° F


  • 11W x 15H x 3.5D (D4WRS)
  • 13.5W x 17H x 3.5D (D8WRS & D16WRS)
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs (D4WRS) / 9 lbs. (D8WRS & D16WRS)
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