Kitchen Display Software for Point of Sale Systems.

First off. If you were thinking of paying for a kitchen display system. Then you have it all wrong. We provide our Kitchen Display software included with the POS System. You don't pay for a module, subscribe to an app. It's all there and it's easy to use.

Looking for a new kitchen display system? CCS offers an easy solution that doesn’t require substantial effort to install. Our Kitchen Displays Systems are easy to learn and train your staff. Software is included, you provide a tablet or we provide a hardware solution starting at $250.00. Less than a kitchen printer plus paper! They are a perfect solution for any location.

Options for KDS Devices

There are a few options now with equipment. You may use traditional systems, with a monitor, and a bumpbar. You may also use a Tablet that you mount. This will require a more easily installation. There are no software costs for the installation or the setup and use of a KDS.

Kitchen Display Configuration:

Our configuration allows you to use a rubber keyboard that can be mounted against a wall or shelf, or a standard bump bar. Depending on your needs you can reduce your costs by using a rubber keyboard.

Kitchen Display Flexibility:

The Kitchen Display with CCS can run with up to 8 to 40 orders from just one computer, far more than you’ll probably ever need. With CCS, you have complete flexibility.

Kitchen Display Software Functions

  • Switch Prep Areas
  • Bump Orders
  • Bump Items
  • Un Bump Items
  • Display 8 to 40 Lists Per Screen

Interface Choices:

  • On Screen Bump Buttons with Touch Screen
  • Bump Bar
  • Rubber Keyboard

Cost Analysis for KItchen Display Systems - POS, a Solution for KDS In Resaurants Point of Sale

KDS Cost Analysis:

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Get a Return on Investment within 14 to 2 years, be Green, and work easier with the CCS KDS System.

Standard Kitchen Pinter Method:

1st. Year:

   Kitchen Printer – $189
+ 1 Year of Paper –$600
= $789

2nd Year:

   Kitchen Printer – $189
+ 1 Year of Paper – $600
+ 1 Year of Paper – $600
= $1389

Kitchen Display System Cost:

Our software is included, so you provide a laptop, or a monitor and thin client. That's it!