CCS Updater

CCS Update Instructions

Download the updater from this link:

CCS Update Download

This requires .netframe work 4.6.1

.NetFrameWork 4.6.2

Extract the folder contents to the colder 'ccsupdater2' under C:\Program Files (x86)\Cafe Cartel\

So that you have this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cafe Cartel\CCSUpdater2\

First-time Setup:

Place a shortcut to the CCSUpdater.exe in the startup directory to always run it.

From the Server:

Open the AdminSetting.XML file.

Change <DirectoryToDownloadFiles>\\ccsserver\CCSUpdates</DirectoryToDownloadFiles> to the shared folder path of where the updates will download and be retrieved from. Make sure you have to write access to this directory from the server.

Make sure you have read access to this folder from all of the terminals or computers that will use this folder.

Right-click on the shortcut, and set the compatibility mode to run as administrator.

From The Terminals

Copy the same CCSUpdater folder with the modified XML file to the other computers. They will use the same directory, so they should have read access to the folder. Move a shortcut of the CCSupdater to the start-up folder. This will make sure the program is running for the terminals to update to the latest version assigned.

From CCS Office

If you have assigned the version you wish all terminals to use, then CCS will check that it's on the assigned version when the Terminal or Office is used, it will install the version assigned if it is not matching what you have assigned. This can be managed from CCS - Office - Company. You will need to assign the release version there.