Point of Sale Training Schedules

Point of Sale Training Schedules

The overview

At CCS we use several online tools to train new & existing customers. These range from video help, help files with our wiki, our support forums and our most popular feature: remote connection.

CCS Remote Connection Support

Remote connection means we connect directly to your computer. We see your screen, and work with you just like we were there, but more convenient.

Our starter package of training is all online, this allows us to meet at your schedule and support you immediately upon request. We match our service ours to your local standard business hours, so that you can get support when you need it. This kind of service has greatly reduced our customer’s costs and decreased their training time.

POS Video Help - Point of Sale Training Videos

Video help is probably the easiest way to learn something. So CCS is actively building more videos for customer support. They allow you to see exactly how to do your operations, and when necessary repeat the learning procedure. You can watch them when you want, and review them when you want.

Video Help

CCS Wiki - Point of Sale Training Guides

Standard help is so much easier with our Wiki. While there’s still the same written style of help most user are familiar with, the CCS Wiki allows for easy searching, and allows our staff to quickly append and update our help, to keep our customers up to date on how to use features and how to setup their systems.

CCS Wiki Help