Credit Card Processing Integration for Point of Sale Software

CCS Integrates with Major Processors

Obviously you want integration with your processor. You want NFC (Contactless) Payments as an option, i.e. Apple Pay, Paypal, Google Wallet. You want speed, efficiency and Compliance.

CCS delivers processing with the following solutions. This is not the limit, please contact us with who you with to process with:

EMV Processing

You've heard about Chip Cards! We support EMV Processing using DataCapSystems.com to provide secure, fast processors you can find below.

Debit Processing

Using the VX805 we can process debit cards.

EBT Solutions

Contact us for what providers we support WIC/EBT with!

Credit Card Processing

Please see below for a list of contact information for each of our preferred processors. We want to ensure you have the opportunity to choose the right company that will fit the needs of your business.

Offline Processing

We work with your phone system to process offline payments when your internet is offline. Please contact us for ordering an offline processing device.


NFC Payments

Using the Vx805 PIN Pad with EMV and NFC we can accept payments through the most popular contactless payment options. The VX805 is an industry standard solution. Not only is it cost effective, but it's reliable and flexible. NFC payments using the most popular solutions can be enabled. Check with your processor to find out what NFC payments they accept.

Apple Pay
Google Wallet





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